Hi everyone, blogging at MoneyEnergyFreedomLife.com


Thanks for the already warm welcome to the community, I’m already benefitting from some of the posts on ways to improve my blog and the great ideas being thrown around here.

I write at www.moneyenergyfreedomlife.com. Working in corporate america in a VERY high-cost of living area, I bought into the happiness=purchases fallacy big time. After a friend turned me on to ERE and MMM I’ve changed my life drastically over the past few years, and discovered the genuine pleasure and peace of financial security, frugality, and community.

One of the most suprising things I’ve discovered through this journey is that money is about WAY more than money: it’s about what I value in life, how I spend my time, my energy, my attention. It is a daily measure of how I choose to exercise the precious gift that is life.

You’re a fun bunch and I’m grateful to be here and be able to contribute.

Yours truly,

Mr. MoneyEnergyLife


Welcome! Glad to hear you’ve managed to change your ways and that you found your way here.



Hello and Welcome!

I love this!

Good for you!


Welcome! It’s wonderful that you’ve found the peace of financial security. You’ve come to the right place to get together with like-minded folks.