Hi! Allison here


Hi all,

Good to be here! I heard about these forums through the Rockstar newsletter at some point. I have been writing about personal finance for my whole career, basically, for 10+ years now (!). I am building out a PF blog at Fabric (meetfabric.com/blog) with a special emphasis on the psychology of money and family finance.

Thanks for having me!


Welcome! Glad to have you here!


Hi Allison!


Great to have someone with a lot of experience.
I hope we can all teach and learn the blog part of this together.


Welcome Allison!


That sounds like an interesting concept! Excited to see where you take it!


Welcome, Allison! I look forward to getting to know you and to reading your thoughts on the psychology of money, especially.


Thanks! If you have any feedback, I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’d love that! I’m always open if you have any ideas for collaboration, etc.

Thanks! FWIW, here’s one story I assigned/edited all about how to overcome your money baggage… https://meetfabric.com/blog/financial-literacy-for-kids-overspending


Welcome Allison!


Welcome, Allison! I look forward to reading.


Welcome Allison.




This was great! I especially like the tip about including your kids in financial discussions. My little one is only 2 and his brother is not yet born lol, but I want to have age-appropriate discussions about our family finances as they grow up. Money shouldn’t be such a taboo subject. Thanks for sharing!


Aww, thanks so much! If ever you have story ideas or things you’d like to see, please let me know. :slight_smile: