Heyo! From the creator of The Compounding Dollar


HEYA! I’m Jimmy, the nerd behind The Compounding Dollar

A 19-year-old boy with many hopes, dreams, and ambitions who lives in Northern Virginia (WHAT UP DMV!?) By day I’m a mechanic/techie at an auto shop, by night (I’m exhausted since I work long hours) I’m a blogger and run a podcast.

Over at my site, I talk about investing, personal finance, entrepreneurship (from time to time), passive income, literally anything finance. So if you’re interested in those subjects, or if you’d like to talk about anything, shoot me an email or dm me, I’d like to talk :slight_smile:

I was invited to join the forum by J. Money about checks watch 6 months ago but never got to it, until NOW. Don’t know why however

Happy to join the party at last, however, WOO!

Twitter: Captain_JimmyF
Site: https://www.thecompoundingdollar.com/


Welcome to the forum Jimmy!

Don’t worry about delaying 6 months to join. At 19, you are waaayyyyy ahead of the curve!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I hope I can get enough leverage in my financial life if I start this young!


Welcome Jimmy, glad to have you here!


Welcome! I’m new here too!

Wow, I wish I was more intentional with finance when I was 19. Nice work!


Thanks! It’s quite the honor being here


Welcome aboard to you too as well!

Thanks, my peers find me a snooze for being interested in my personal finances this early on.


Welcome Jimmy!

I think a lot of ppl envy you, learning about compounding when you are 19 is awesome!



Thanks, I’m flattered. I wouldn’t go as far as saying people envy me, but I was fortunate enough to learn about compounding early on :slight_smile:


19 and talking about “investing, personal finance, entrepreneurship (from time to time), passive income, literally anything finance” - now that’s a Financial Rockstar right there.

Welcome to the forums, Jimmy!


Welcome Jimmy! You got an invite for the great oracle J. Money and didn’t quit your job immediately? You’re a stronger person than I.

Glad to have you here! Just take off your shoes and clean up after yourself or we will be forced to remind you with less smiles next time.


Ha ha thanks! :slight_smile:


Thinking about it now, I probably should have quit my job haha. :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to clean up after myself around here, thanks!


Welcome welcome.


Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:


Great to see you start so young. Welcome to the group! :grinning:


Welcome Jimmy! Wow only 19 and already blogging about personal finances, that’s awesome.


Ahoy Captain Jimmy!!!
Welcome and looking forward to read from you. Just had a look at your Twitter before. 19 years young - you rock!!!


Ha ha! Thanks. I feel at home :slight_smile:


Thanks, I wanted to reach FIRE at a very ripe and young age. The sooner I start, the better!