Hey from Alex and Ellie


Hey everyone,

We’re Alex and Ellie from www.hishermoneyguide.com. We’ve only been around in the community for almost three months, and are still finding our way. But it’s great to talk personal finance/FIRE with folks.

We’re from Australia and are looking to retire by 45. 44 is the hard goal, but we’ll see if we can beat that. 9 years, 9 months away, but who’s counting? :rofl: We want to ‘FatFIRE’ with a AUD$150k p.a. passive income, and we’re about half way there.

Look forward to talking to you all!

Alex and Ellie




Welcome! It sounds like you’ve got a great plan - I look forward to reading.


Welcome to the group! :slight_smile:


Keep in touch.
I’m either at FatFIRE or close to it, depending on future expenses and market returns.


Thanks :).


Thank you :).

We’ll see how we go. We’re well on our way at least, so we’re not going into anything blind. The biggest problem is the time left!


Thanks :). Good to be here!


Thanks Wealthy Doc :).

Fingers crossed we all get there!


I’m replying to this introduction to have a nice place to stay in Australia if and when we come visit, JK JK :slight_smile: Haha nice to meet you Alex and Ellie.



Hehe, happy to house swap! :grin:


Welcome to the community. Do share the journey with us as you strive to retire at 45. Wishing you the best.


Welcome! Look forward to learning about your journey!


Thanks frankbin! With luck, we can do it before 45. We’ll see :slight_smile:.


Thank you LittleSeedsOfWealth :grinning:. We similarly look forward to sharing it!


Welcome! Like the fatfire plan. As of now, I’m thinking the same thing.


The safest way to fly, we think!