Hey Everyone!


My name is Brandon and I took the blogging world by storm in 2015 with 1 post. I then took it by storm with 2 posts in 2016. After so much domination I decided to let everyone else have their turn for 2017 but now I’m back and reinvigorated!

Cutting through the nonsense I am finally taking my blog seriously and am looking to connect with everyone on the forums to trade ideas, tips, and maybe a laugh or two. I love the community here and have frequented Rockstar Finance for a long time. I am a creeper peeking in the window no more!

If you want to check out my blog pop on over to www.30and0.com and witness the financial comeback!

Let’s get rich separately together!


LMAO @ “Let’s get rich separately together!” I like the way you put that. Welcome to the forums. I’d offer you a snack but I ate them all.


Hahaha awesome intro. Welcome!


Thanks for letting us have our moment, and welcome!


Welcome to the Thunderdome!


Oh my god, I love it, I think you’re the first blogger that I’ve outpaced in publishing production EVER. Except now that you’re serious and buckling down in 2018, I’m in trouble. Better step up my game! :slight_smile:


Hahaha, love the humor :joy:

3rd time’s a charm! Glad to finally have you here with us.


I may have accidentally created my new tag line. Also, way to be a good host! Eating all the snacks? Have you no shame?!?


Thanks! Your blog may have helped in that in some way :wink:


Hey this isn’t a competition…unless I’m winning!


Too many people here for the Thunderdome according to Section C bylaw 8. “2 men enter, 1 man leaves!”


I did it all for you. I hope you didn’t waste it haha




Awesome. Welcome and glad to have you here.


Thanks Doc!


Welcome to the forum - hilarious way to make your comeback! Glad you have!


Zero shame. If you read my blog you’ll learn that I was practically raised by wolves.


Happy to hear our blog helped you a little. Here’s to hopping we all stick it out in 2018!


Welcome and good luck! Hope this new year gives you lots of ideas!


Thanks! Hoping the comeback is a success!