Hey everyone, I'm Martin


Hello everyone already here at Rockstar Finance Forums. My name is Martin and I am a relatively new personal finance blogger (since Nov 2017) however I have created websites and the like for well over 10 years now. This is a big project for me which I have started recently and one I really hope to do very well and continue for a long time. As for me on a more personal level, I live in the UK and am currently studying Economics at University. Looking forward to getting to know the community here and hopefully building some good bonds.

For those interested my blog is at: https://discusspf.com/ where I like to mix more formal how-to’s with some general personal finance chats from time to time.


Welcome Martin! I love the international reach of this community and am always interested to see how PF advice differs from folks in another country. Good luck on your new-ish blog!


Welcome aboard!! Your site looks great.


Thank you. I think the big difference over here is with student debt. Seems to really be of hardship for people in the states but here in the UK it seems to be a lot nicer how it is set up.


Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to discussing with you around the forum.




Welcome, Martin! You’ll fit right in! I started my site in november of 2017, too :slight_smile:


Hey Martin, welcome. Love your blog, plenty of good stuff in there.


Welcome, Martin! Nice to meet you.




Hi and Welcome!


Welcome Martin!


Thank you all for your warm welcome.


Hi Martin, I’m Tom. Welcome.