Hey Everyone! I'm Eric


Hello everyone,

I recently decided to dive back into personal finance blogging. I started up around a year and a half ago, dabbled in it for a month or two but never really focused on it. I jumped back into it, switched hosts, new site, more posts, and enjoying it quite a bit more this time. It’s been active over the past month or so and quite a bit more planned going forward. I can’t say there’s much traffic or success but the goal is really more about helping out other people and offering advice and information for military members primarily (although most of the information is helpful to anyone).

I’m over at Tactical Financials

I joined active duty a few years back and found out

  1. I had no clue how to save for retirement or deal with money post college
  2. There is minimal information out there on how to use the Thrift Savings Plan and there are way too many military members not taking advantage of it.

I just want to help people live a focused and life of intent and fulfillment. Whatever this means for you, great, but I don’t want to live life zones out going from one day to the next without realizing what I’ve done.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone here.



Nice to hear your story! Welcome to the group. :slight_smile: