Hey! Another Canadian joins the forums!


Good evening everyone. Long time lurker of the site but first time joining the forums.
34 yr old guy with a husky, 2 kids (4 yr old son, newborn daughter) and a wonderful wife. Located in Ontario.

In 2011 we started reading about finances and really got serious after drinking the juice, Dave Ramseys Total money makeover. We had over 60k debt and was wasting about 1600 a month on minimum payments. We smashed that debt in 2 years and got into paying off the mortgage early and precious metals.

Clearly the metals didn’t have a good return on investment =) It was a learning lesson and its a good insurance on the markets.

Anyways now we are all about improving our passive income through dividend’s, a private investment and our recent solar panel project. In time I plan on adding new sources of income.
I have been blogging for the last year and really enjoy it.

Feel free to check it out www.passivecanadianincome.ca

Make sure you say hi!

I look forward to learning about how you guys are investing, pursuing fire and even promoting your blogs / tips of the trades.
Have a great night!


Great to hear! Welcome to the group. :grinning:


Welcome to the fun!


Welcome (although I believe we have already met on Twitter) :slight_smile: BTW, I am loving all the Canadians that I have been meeting through blogging. Maybe it’s all the snow that gives ya’ll such a good attitude?!




Welcome to the group!


Hello and welcome! We once had a husky as part of the family he made it 14 years. Such beautiful dogs.


Welcome, come see us in the Great White North category


Welcome to the forum fellow Canadian @Passivecndincome. Hope you have fun on this forum!


Welcome to the forums!


You are welcome to this great community


Hello! I’m from Ontario too! Great to meet another Canadian.


Welcome, Rob! Congrats on paying off your debt and I look forward to reading your blog! Is the solar panel project for your house, or a business you started?

  • Jason


Hello fellow Canuck,

Welcome to the forums! Love the blog and the hustle. Keep up the good work!


thanks everyone!


Hey Jason. The solar panels are mounted on the roof of the house. 30 panels producing 9.75 kwh, all the power produced go’s to the grid and hydro buys it from us =)


I think its all the beavers!

haha yup I got ya on my twitter. cya there


Hi Rob. Nice to see a familiar face. I just joined the forums too. Tom


Welcome fellow Canadian:)


Yay! Another Canadian to make the forum even friendlier. Welcome :slight_smile: