Hello world from ChroniclesOfWealth


Hello people of the internet!

One of my more interactive (persistent?) readers recommended I check out the Rockstar forums. Repeatedly.

Several others subsequently commented that the Rockstar forum was frequented by friendly like-minded folk… and that J.Money’s (and now @RouteToRetire’s) awesome haircuts scare away both the Reddit trolls and Internet Retirement Police.

Being somewhat anti-social by inclination I lurked for a while, until I concluded they were somewhat surprisingly telling the truth! So a belated hello to all the beautiful people here, and credit where credit is due to @J.Money and @Steve for assembling such an inclusive tolerant community here.

Why am I here? I host, and occasionally contribute to, a community blog that aims to showcase the best personal finance writing on the internet. If you have something to say, and want to expand your audience, then I would be happy to consider a guest post from you.

What is my blogging philosophy? I figure bloggers should concentrate on what is important, creating original well written content. With that in mind I am experimenting with the Medium platform, which forces authors to focus on the quality of the writing while sparing them the distractions of plugins, themes, and the like. I’m not above the occasional Amazon affiliate link, but you won’t find any email harvesting, mediavine, adsense, or other advertising on my blog.

Why should anyone listen to me? I’m a retired entrepreneur in my early 40s, who funds his lifestyle with the income earned via a combination of real estate, stock market, and business investments. Much as I would love to be living a life of luxury on a beach in Bali, I’m actually a married suburbanite with two school aged children.

Who are my favourite bloggers? I love the evidence based approach of @EarlyRetirementNow, @actuaryonFIRE and OfDollarsAndData. I also enjoy the considered discussions about the motivations behind important financial decisions promoted by @OurNextLife, @PoF, and RetirementInvestingToday.

Another of my favourites was Cantankerous.Life, so when I saw @Slow_Dad had cashed in his chips I stalked and relentlessly pestered persuaded him to write a guest post series charting the course from raw beginner to financially free. In return for his valued contribution I promised him fame and fortune, so please stop by and pump up his tires.

I look forward to interacting with you all!


Looks like I have a blog or two to check out, Welcome!


Glad you finally showed up @ChroniclesOfWealth. Welcome to the forum, play nice with the other kids!


Great taste in blogs :wink:
Glad you made it to the forum, you won’t regret it. Hope to see more of you here!


Welcome onboard @ChroniclesOfWealth. Glad to see you here. I am also curious about this Medium thing, just I thought that my stories aren’t good enough for that yet. We will see what the future brings. Now I go and check your blog out. Please don’t add too much great content, I am already on shortage of reading time :slight_smile:


I think the only people who I have a chance of scaring away is my daughter! My wife just laughed at me!

Welcome to the party, @ChroniclesOfWealth!

– Jim


Nice to see you here!


Welcome to your new home away from home. :smile:


Welcome aboard!!


So did we, Jim. So did we. The difference is, we were laughing WITH you. You’ve got Big League cahoonas, that’s for sure! Welcome to the nuthouse, CoW, you’ll like it in here!