Hello! (that wasn't easy for me)


@THE_FIINTROVERT Welcome to the forum - hope you enjoy your time here.
BTW You have a great blog!


Welcome! Love your mission as it’s something that definitely resonates strongly with me.

I’ve always been a huge introvert and know that it’s held me back significantly in my career and relationships. Fortunately, I’ve made some big strides in the last few years to where I now consider myself “functional.”

Would love to volunteer :slight_smile:


Welcome, I’m new here too. I’m a long time introvert who learned to impersonate an extrovert by acting and doing a lot of public speaking and testifying before state and federal legislators. Interesting study material, one thing that happened to me is I worked way past FI because I got extremely effective at my job and the lure of the ever increasing money and, well, power, evil I know, maybe, but being a big shot is addictive! I came to my senses and retired slightly early a couple of years ago and am blogging for fun. I’d be happy to help but I’m already FIRE’d off so might not fit your target audience.


Hi Steve! It would be awesome to share your story with my audience. If you would like to do a guest post we could do it that way or we could do an interview style. I am out West until next Saturday but if you wanted to go the guest post route we could do that as soon as you wanted. Your story and any strategies you employed to excel in your career would be helpful to my folks. Also, some introverts feel they are being disingenuous by acting as an extrovert. If you could address why it was important (I am guessing the mission you were on in your job was bigger than yourself and if acting as an extrovert got that mission accomplished then so be it…and it had the nice side effect of furthering your personal missions too). Let me know! You are in DC right?


Great name for your blog and eager to read. Best of luck on your journey


Hey, months later I just saw this, I didn’t see that I had a notification, I’m such a rook. I didn’t mean to fail to reply. Or maybe I got back with you but I don’t think so. I’m actually in Arkansas though I did lobby in DC for several years. You probably moved on but if you are still interested in either a guest post or an interview just email me at scba25a@gmail.com. Thanks!


Welcome to the community! We’re glad you did the introduction post. I think once you get going, you will realize how many people like you there are in this community. Your story is relatable to more people than you realize and I think there will be a ton of bloggers that will benefit from following your journey. I’m extroverted with introverted tendencies. Blogging was not easy for me and I never really talked about money with people that were close to me. However, I found a lot of comfort in this wonderful online community and was blown away by how kind and supportive everyone was!

Bert, One of the Dividend Diplomats