Hello! (that wasn't easy for me)


Hi Everyone - I just joined the forums a few days ago. Self-promotion doesn’t come naturally for me. There was internal debate as to whether to do an intro post.

I have a blog that I am trying to get off the ground http://www.fiintrovert.com. My intent is to use my story, personal experiences, and research to help introverts enjoy their working careers more by:

  1. Pursuing FI (there is a definable end to working)
  2. Understanding that success in the workplace is linked to a shorter career (enabled by FI)

There is a dichotomy that the better you are at your job (which means having great relationships), the less you have to work (because you should get to FI faster).

That is the long term goal. If any introverts are interested in exploring that with me and would volunteer for a case study or interview I’d welcome the challenge!


Welcome, good to see you finally joined the forums!!! Glad to have you here with us.


Welcome, hope you enjoy the forums!


Thank you!


You actually have a well defined goal for blogging. That will help you not to give up


Welcome to the group!


Hello and welcome!


Every time I see someone with a clever name for their site I kick myself; this is one of those times.

Welcome to the forums! Love the name and direction of your site. Hope you find this place friendly and useful!


Welcome. Glad you joined.


Welcome! I would volunteer to be part of your introvert case study, but that ain’t me! Extrovert all the way!


Welcome! Most of us are extroverted introverts… I love my alone time!




Hi, FIIntrovert, and welcome!




A good name is overrated. Looks like your are doing great by the Facebook shares on your articles!


As an extrovert, have you ever had difficulty understanding or dealing with an introvert in your career or in a way that relates to personal finance?


Has it held you back in your career or from making money at all?


Welcome. Glad to have you on the forums.


I’ve made an effort to be more social and welcome others into my life. It’s a freeing feeling and as a result, I haven’t had much trouble in my career or making money.

Being quiet and a natural listener are two solid traits to have, but it’s still important to be able to talk and connect.


Yes…because I talk too much to fill any awkward silence (at least I perceive it as awkward). Then I’m left thinking “why the hell did I keep blathering on? I must’ve sounded like an idiot!”