Hello My Friends


I go by Mr. GoGreenDollar. I’m a brand new financial blogger seeking financial independence and writing about it along the way. My blog (Shameless plug: gogreendollar.com) is mostly focused on all aspects of early retirement, but mixed in is information about environmental conservation as well. My wife and I run the site together. I’m glad to be a part of the community!


Welcome to the group! :grinning:


Welcome. Nice looking site.




Thanks, too me a while to figure out what I was doing. Wordpress is confusing.


Welcome to the fun!


Welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it here.


Hey there and welcome. Tom


Hi Mr. GoGreenDollar!!! Welcome to the forum. I love your blog and it’s focus on conservation and environmentalism. I run my blog (with some help from my wife) and we write a little about environmentalism, green living, and clean (non toxic) living. In addition to finance, we have a strong interest in minimalism, veganism, organic non toxic products, and getting close to zerowaste living.

Nice to meet you!


Thanks for all the welcomes!


Excellent! What’s the blog? How long have you been at it? Hows the zero-waste goal coming along so far?


Blog is: https://www.drmcfrugal.com

I’ve been writing since September 2017. But consistently since last month. Zerowaste is pretty tough. We try to unsubscribe to junk mail, but it just keeps on coming. And we need to start composting in order to be true zerowaste. But we make an effort. We refuse disposables when we can. We buy in bulk and avoid buying prepackaged goods wrapped in plastic. Things like that.


Welcome @MrGoGreenDollar! I’m looking forward to reading about your journey.




Environmentally conscious and financially savvy? Your’re only allowed to be one thing around here! haha

Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy what we have done with the place.


Welcome to the forums Mr. GGD!


Your site looks awesome and I love your message! I look forward to following along.


Hello and welcome to the forums!