Hello. My fake name is PoF and I'm a FIRE blogger


“Hey guys! I’m an anesthesiologist from the great state of Minnesota. I heard of these forums through my e-mail subscription to Budgets are Sexy and I’m really stoked to be here! Also - I love my wife, kids, and good beer, but not necessarily in that order.”

I’m excited for this forum – particularly the bloggers corner – I look forward to learning from all of you who have been doing this much longer than me.



Haha… welcome aboard, fake name PoF :slight_smile:

I’ll help you out, but only if you share more of your dance moves!! :heart_eyes:


Let’s face it, good beer is something that’s really tough to beat! :slight_smile:


PoF - I can’t help but read all the bold in a heavy Minnesota accent and then of course I think of this …


We’re all just happy for the unseasonably warm weather lately before the bitter cold


That’s how we feel in NYC too.


Hey PoF - great to see you here! I grew up in the suburbs of the Twin Cities - beautiful area :slight_smile:

I moved to the much warmer, more tropical Wisconsin for college and haven’t left.


Is that a Badger hat on your noggin? I’d be wearing it backwards, too. :smiling_imp:

Stay thrifty, my friend.


Yes, definitely a Badger hat. I’m the black sheep of the family - not a gopher :slight_smile:


Awesome to see you here POF. Although you put people to sleep for a living :sleeping:, your articles always keep me wide awake :astonished:!!


Howdy PoF

We may need to start a beer thread and a MN blogger thread


Yup, a good beer is better than a bad day at work! And what’s with the Minnesota jokes here? At least there are movies and jokes about Minnesota. Until Tuesday night most people probably didn’t even know there was a state called Wisconsin.:slight_smile: Just kidding, of course. We like you despite the red hat!


I just love the vaguely support-group-y feel to the title of this post, PoF! We could all use a little help, I suppose, for our finance addiction.


My Doc Friend!! Great to have you on board, Doc. Can you write a 'script to break “Forum Addiction”? This place is a blast! Hangin with all of our geeky PF friends, including the anonomyous doctor who apparently dances disco (who knew!?)


Hey @PoF, you’ll be glad to know I issued a Manifesto tonight of my intentions to disconnect over the next 10 days. Here’s the link:


No 'script needed here, gonna break the addiction the hard way. True Grit.


Howdy, PoF! I’m a little late to the party but good to see you here.


So glad to see my friend, fake name, POF here. Love the shirt.


A quick shout to my bro PoF!

Minnesota’s in Canada, right?


I had no idea you were from Minnesota. Woo hoo! I hope to come home someday. I really do miss it. Best place to live in the United States, in my humble opinion.


They were considering having PoF be one of the hosts for FinCon 2017 until they saw this