Hello from The Leveraged Mama



I’m Peti, my blog is The Leveraged Mama. I help mamas get out of debt and work towards financial independence.

I am an Agile coach in my professional life, which means I’ve spent many years coaching people in software development on better ways of working, and that involves a lot of change management.

This transfers nicely into the personal finance space - because often changing your financial situation means changing your lifestyle, and that takes time.

Being on my own journey to becoming debt free, I have a lot of practical experience to share! My tribe seems to really like my creative approach to money management - which is great!! It’s so nice to find people who respond positively to your ideas huh.

I’m really happy to have found Rockstar forums and a tribe of others on a similar path!



Welcome aboard Peti, nice to meet you.


Welcome Peti!


Welcome, Peti!


Welcome to the group! :grinning:


Welcome, Peti!

I must admit my dyslexic eyes read “The Leveraged Llama” when I first saw your site title! Maybe I’ve been reading too much “Llama Llama Mad at Mama” to my kids lately?

Either way, welcome!


That made me laugh out aloud :joy:


Love your blog and theme. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here with us!


Hi, Peti, and welcome!


Welcome to the forums Peti!


Welcome Peti! Love the design of your blog! So clean. Hope we can help you reach your goals.

I mean other people, not me. I’m the neighborhood jester.


Hi Peti, glad you’re here!




Hi Peti, you are welcome. However, you will need to persevere and be determined as blogging is a work on its own


Welcome Peti. Glad you found the forums.


Thank you all SO MUCH for the warm welcome :hugs:


Hello! I just followed you on Twitter :slight_smile:


I think I followed you back! :slight_smile: