Hello from The Graying Saver


Hey all, this is Brian at The Graying Saver. I’ve been checking out the Rockstar forums for a couple months and finally decided to say hello.

As my site name suggests I am a member of the 45+ club. I’ve been on the path to FIRE since August of 2016 when my wife and I met with a financial planner after realizing that my wife would be retiring in about 10 years. I wondered if it was possible for me to do the same and stumbled across an article in the Washington Post about a family with 13 kids and the parents were planning to retire early. The article led me to some of the usual points of entry into the world of FIRE: the Mad Fientist, MMM, and others. Suffice to say my mind was blown and I have been ravenously exploring this awesome world of new possibilities ever since.

I started blogging about our journey to FI in April of this year. I don’t write much about the nuts and bolts or how-to aspects of FI - many other bloggers have done this and continue to do it very well. Much better than I could. Instead I write more about the journey, the ups and downs, the wrong turns, and the occasional feeling that maybe we’re getting somewhere.

One aspect of our journey to FI that is maybe a little unique is that we own a second home - a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. Figuring out how and whether the cabin fits in with our FI goals is an ongoing process. A question not easily answered. We’ve set a goal of paying it off in 5 years and I’m tracking our progress on the blog. We’re 10 months in and so far so good.

Looking forward to participating on this forum and thanks to all for being such a welcoming group.


Welcome! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your story.


Welcome, Gray! (I, too, am in the “Old Club”!). It sounds like we have a lot in common. We sold our house in Atlanta and moved to our vacation cabin in Blue Ridge as part of our Downsizing plan for FI, and paid off the cabin with the proceeds from the sale of our “big” house in the city. I’ll be retiring next summer at Age 55.

Welcome to the nuthouse. Nice to have another “old” squirrel in the trees.


BTW, I checked out your site - we both write a lot about the “softer” issues in FIRE planning, we DO have a lot in common!

One suggestion - you should make your Twitter link more visible on your site. I looked around, couldn’t find it. Went to twitter, searched “GrayingSaver”…“TheGrayingSaver”…etc. Couldn’t find you. Link up with me on Twitter, I’ll follow you back. Thx.


My grandparents had a cabin near Blue Ridge when I was a kid. That place had a big impact on me and the desire to have a cabin of my own someday. How has the switch been from Atlanta to Blue Ridge? We’ve contemplated a similar type of move, but aren’t sure we would be happy full time in the mountains.


What is Twitter?

I kid of course. I got off facebook earlier this year and it’s been great. Not real excited about starting on another social media platform, but I hear progress occurs when you get outside your comfort zone.


Hello :smile: you will fit right in :slight_smile:




Welcome aboard!


Hi Gray! I am a younger genX blogger too (at https://goodlifebetter.com/) but I color my hair so won’t claim my grays yet (:smile:). Welcome!


@OurFinancialPath thanks for the welcome!

@Jenny your hair coloring secret is safe with me and all of our internet friends here on the forums.


Welcome! I’m also part of the over 45, 50, and 55 clubs. I just turned 58. :grinning:


Welcome! I’m in your club, but not graying too much yet… Love the cabin idea, it’s one of my plans as well


Welcome. Got some gray myself. M.D.


Lovin’ Everything About It!


@rjack1201 - Hey thanks for the welcome. Those are some esteemed clubs you belong to. I plan to eventually become a member of all. For now I’m enjoying the last few months of being 47.

@Accidental_FIRE - Slightly envious that you’re not graying too much. Honestly I’m just happy to have hair in the places I’m supposed to and not too much in the places I’m not. The cabin is great, no question. But it has also brought home for me point from jlcollinsnh’s manifesto that you own the things you own and they in turn own you. Thanks for the welcome.

@millionairedoc - Thank you kind sir. Marcus Welby approves of your gray hair.


@TheFrugalGene and @wunderkrause - thank you both for the kind words of welcome!

I broke down and am now on Twitter @thegrayingsaver.


Hey Graying Saver, I’m new to the forum also and just saw your post about your vacation cabin. We also own a second-home (a lake cabin). Our plan is to move into it full-time as my husband winds down his work years. By making it our primary residence for at least two years, we will have the option to sell it and avoid capital gains tax on the profit. We might not sell it that quickly, and see if we actually like living there full time (or for it just to be our home base as we travel the world). Either way, good luck with your FI goals and nice to meet you!


Welcome! I always enjoy reading more about FIRE. Also, I have always wanted a cabin… so I’m excited to see what you have to say about FI and owning a cabin!


Hi Graying Saver, welcome to the forums! I too am an older Gen X’er but we won’t talk about the gray. :wink: