Hello from The Financially Savvy!


Hey everyone!

I write under the pen name J Savvy over at TheFinanciallySavvy.com.

Wanted to take a few seconds to say hello and introduce myself to everyone on the forums.

I’ve poked around a bit and have come across posts and comments from many bloggers that have inspired me so I am excited to join this community and learn/discuss/bs with everyone. I am also looking forward to meeting and hearing from people I have not heard of before. So much to discover…

Thanks for having me here!


Hi J Savvy. Love your about page. Lots of info on there for an anonymous blogger. Looking forward to reading more of your articles.


Hey buddy, welcome!

I love how you have changed jobs & companies, and negotiated salaries. That’s sure way to achieving FI/RE fast and we talk a lot about it in our blog.


Thanks for the welcome!



I like your car story. I paid too much for my first car too!


Thanks @rjack1201! They got me with the whole monthly payment thing. It was a lesson learned, that is for sure.




Welcome to the forum @TheFinanciallySavvy. Have fun!


Welcome to the group! :grinning:


Welcome from Paulo Henrique here! (Sao Paulo - Brazil).


Hello and welcome to the forum! This is an awesome place to hang out and talk with fellow Money fans and bloggers.


Thank you all for the welcome!