Hello from Retirement Viewpoints


I ‘introduced myself’ on here a couple weeks back, but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing so I apologize if you saw my previous post. PoF introduced me to this thread. I’m pumped to learn from so many of the bloggers on here that I’ve read for quite some time. I post at retirementviewpoints.com and am working to make improvements to the blog structure, function and my posts every day. Never thought I could learn as much about Wordpress in the last 2 or 3 weeks as I have. Necessity is the mother of invention. Anyhow, thanks for including me in the group!

Are there any previous topics I could read to help me make the most of this forum and better understand the structure? May sound like a crazy question but I will read anything you send my way. Thanks in advance for any help in getting me acquainted!
Sincerely, RVP



Good to meet you. Wow, you have written so many articles already for such a short period of time. I’m new to the blogging world too, I joined last week. So, I don’t think I can give you any tips, I will just follow this thread for any tips the pros might provide.


Thanks for at least letting me know that my post at least hit the blogosphere! :slight_smile: Your site looks like it will be fun to follow - looking forward to poking around! Followed you via Twitter too!

Yeah, I have lots to say to be sure! :slight_smile: It also helps that I’m just getting on various sites since I can only handle one “project” at a time whether it’s ensuring my emails come from my actual site name or editing how it looks or whatever. I’m a total newb to any of this, so it’s been a fun project and change from the norm!

Thanks again for reaching out!


Welcome! I just joined as well but I enjoy these forums!


Hello @Retirementviewpoints, welcome to the forums!

Follow this link to request access to our Blogger Lounge where you will find lots of great information: Our private *blogging* forum

It’s great that you put your link in your message, another thing would be to add it to your ‘profile’

Join in on any discussion. Tag others by using the @ with their name. You can like other’s comments by clicking on the heart.

Just jump on in and ask questions, add comments, and have fun! We were all new here once too :wink: You’ll get the hang of things quick!


Welcome RV! The Forum is pretty intuitive,

I’d suggest you click on the horizontal bars in the top right title bar, then drill down to a few topics that are of interest. You’ll also see “New” and “Unread”, which is where you can keep up with new topics as they come in.

To tag someone in a post, just put an @ in front of their name. Like this: @Retirementviewpoints. You’ll see their name pop up, just click on it and they’ll get notified.

Finally, if you want to respond to a specific statement from someone, just highlight the text and click the 'Quote box that pops up. It’ll include their sentence in your reply, and it’s a pretty cool feature.

Welcome aboard, hope the few tips help you learn your way around!


Welcome to the forum @Retirementviewpoints!


Thanks so much for the tips Amy! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! I’ll get more and more and more involved as time goes on, still spending a good bit of time working to get my site where I want it! :slight_smile: