Hello from My Money Supply


Hi everyone! I’m blogging as Ms. Money Supply over at mymoneysupply.com. I’ve been reading personal finance blogs for about a year and finally got the courage to start one of my own.

I’m in my early thirties and I’m really just beginning my path to financial independence. I spent my twenties working seasonally in national parks and resorts. It was an incredible experience, but I didn’t save a whole lot, and I didn’t know much about investing.

About a year ago, I gave up my vagabond lifestyle for what my dad calls a “real” job with a 401k and health insurance, which I’m hoping will lead to financial independence in ten years.

I’m really excited to be a part of the Rockstar community. I’ve learned so much from you all already, and I’m looking forward to connecting!


Welcome to the forum. It is a great place to hang around.

Good luck on reaching your goal in 10 years. I look forward to reading about your progress.

I also like your Gravatar.


Thank you! I took the picture from my Gravatar in Grand Teton National Park - I’m a bit of a national park nerd. :slight_smile:


Welcome! Ten years is a great goal. You’re in the right place to discuss finances and blogging.


Thanks Mrs. Groovy! I’m glad to be here!


I’m interested to hear more about that vagabond lifestyle. That is what I want to do when I reach financial independence (or something thereabouts) at the end of next year. Welcome to the forum.


Thank you! I definitely have some stories to tell. I’m sure you’ll end up with even more if you do it while financially independent - sounds like a dream come true. :slight_smile:


That makes two of us, MyMoney!! I worked in Yellowstone and Glacier Bay NP (Alaska) during summers in college - great experiences, worth more than money! (Gasp!). Welcome to the nuthouse!


Welcome! I was just checking out your blog, I love the image in your header, which park is that from?


Hi MMS! Welcome and congrats on getting the blog started!




Thanks BudgetKitty! I had to go a bit further for that one - it is in Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. There’s a hike there called the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which is beautiful but looooong.


That’s awesome RetirementManifesto! I love Yellowstone, but haven’t made it to Glacier Bay yet. It’s on my list - I’ve only heard good things!


Welcome to the forum @MyMoneySupply. You will definitely enjoy this place!


@SavvyNewCanadian @OurFinancialPath @AmyB

Thanks all! I’m having fun so far - you all are a wealth of knowledge!


Welcome to the forum!


Thank you! Seems like a great place to be! :slight_smile:


Welcome Welcome!
Best of luck with your blog!


Thank you! I’m happy to be here.