Hello From Millennial on Fire!



Hello, I am Mrs. Fire(?) or Mrs. MoF. I recently started this little blog right here; millennialonfireblog.wordpress.com

I blog in my free time between writing IEP’s, lesson plans and grading. We currently live in Hawaii but are planning a move in the next few years to help us reach Financial Independence. This is not my first blog, but the first time that I feel the passion behind what I am doing! So, that is exciting!

My blogs primary purpose is to document the exploration towards financial independence, as I make mistakes, as life happens, as I figure things out, as I read books, and whatever else.

I have been a reader of JMoney for years. I started back in college around 2010-ish. He was my first introduction into the personal finance blog-o-sphere. Without his blog, I really do not know if my husband and I would be at the place that we are financially today. Over the years I have started to follow more and more blogs.

I hope your Friday goes exceptionally well!!! I am totally looking forward to the weekend! I have my classes to teach today and two IEP meetings as well! TGIF :slight_smile:




Hello! Are you sure you want to leave Hawaii? Some of us are only chasing FI so we can move there. Sounds like you already won! :grin:


Welcome aboard! Where in HI do you live? I live in Hilo, and have been here for almost 14 years. But I too am trying to move back to the mainland, ideally Washington state.


Hello Mrs MOF. Welcome. Checked out your blog, looks nice. Keep it up!


Ha, ha, ha!! No, we don’t want to leave but it is “killing” us to drop $2,300 a month on a 900 sq foot condo. Just not really affordable for our current station in life. We have considered moving back at a later time, to a different island that would be more affordable.

Moving to the mainland would allow us to either rent for less or purchase land and a home in a price range we could realistically afford and be comfortable in.

Hawaii is amazing for sure!


Welcome, Millennial on Fire!

Is it weird that my first thought was @millennialmoney and I had a baby?

-Physician on FIRE


We live on Oahu on the Windward side of the island. So beautiful here. Over the summer we visited Kailua-Kona and went up to Mauna Kea. We loved the Hilo side more than the Kailua-Kona side…I think we need to go and visit again with a different set of eyes. We were so stoked thinking we would fall in love with Big Island…and were kind of disappointed we did not.


:joy::rofl: yes weird (in a funny way)


Uh oh!!

I did check to see if this name was explicitly taken, and didn’t notice anything. I do have it in the back of my mind that I will likely have to rebrand at some point. I love the concept of my blogging identity, but can see it being potentially problematic.


It’s all good. I don’t own the “on FIRE” name, and nobody owns “Millennial” Just thought it was funny. Grant from @millennialmoney is sitting right behind me. I imagine he’ll enjoy the comment, too.



Welcome to the group! :grinning:


Hey, welcome aboard!


Would love to have Hawaii as my home base (as we’re getting our first spits of snow today in the Midwest). Have visited twice and loved it both times.


It is a wonderful place. We really just want to move closer to family and to a place that is more affordable. We will visit the friends we have made here somewhat frequently.


There’s definitely a lot to do on the Big Island if you’re an outdoorsy person.

I’m glad you visited Mauna Kea. I work up at one of the observatories and I’ve volunteered a lot at the Visitor Information Station there.


Welcome to the forum.

My wife is also a teacher. That is probably the only reason I know what an “IEP” is. I guess having to write them is motivation enough to reach FIRE.

I am looking forward to reading your blog.


Hi Mrs. MoF, welcome to Rockstar Finance!


I am doing my best with the balance and everything else. I am not a SPED trained teacher, so I am well outside my element with writing IEP’s. Had my first two meetings this past week and it was so stressful. Learning a lot in this position that I can take back to the Gen Ed classroom.


Nothing wrong with being _______ on fire