Hello from Houston!


Hello everyone. This is Austin from Houston. Just looking to better my family’s financial situation and I have looked through the forums and like what I see! Glad to be a part of this community now. Thanks. :metal:t3:


Welcome to the forum!

How did you fare in the storm? Did you have to leave your home? Are you back now?



We were VERY FORTUNATE to not have any flooding in our apartment complex but the neighborhoods around us did take on water. Tons of people were launching boats from our street as one of the major creeks runs by our place. It is amazing how so many volunteers from around the county came to volunteer their time and resources. Now I hope Hurricane Irma does not do the same damage to Florida and the East Coast! Thanks for the welcome.


Welcome, Austin from Houston! Do you know a Houston from Austin?


No not yet! :rofl:


Yes, it has been very difficult to recover from the impact of the hurricane. Hurricanes have caused a lot of damage to life and property. All those living in the coastal area of Florida are now renovating the house,and they are installing the palm beach window and doors that are impact resistant products. With the special info from the professionals they are making the home insulated and storm proof.


Hello Austin from Houston. We live in Canada, but we have visited and love Houston, and Austin… :grinning: Welcome, glad to have you here.