Hello from Her Money Moves


Hello PF Rockstars!

I’m Christine from Her Money Moves. I started blogging this past March but I just found out abut this forum. I’ve been working in public and private finance for about ten years. I started my blog on the request from a co-worker who is a Navy Reservist after he asked me if I was in some sort of secret military finance club because of all the tips I was always giving him.

My goal with Her Money Moves is to empower military spouses and their families (and anyone else who wants to listen) with knowledge on personal finance, career advice, and general military lifestyle help.

Fun Facts:

  1. I’m a military spouse and my husband is activity duty Army. We’ve moved six times the eight years.
  2. I have a MS in Aerospace Engineering that I absolutely don’t use anymore.

My Most recent post on my #MoneyMap: http://www.hermoneymoves.com/2017/09/12/her-money-moves-money-map/

My fave post I’ve written so far: http://www.hermoneymoves.com/2017/07/25/unclaimed-property/

I’m excited to be here and join this awesome community. I love how supportive everyone is of each other’s work!



Welcome! Please thank your husband for his service for me! I just started blogging as well and I need to make a money map. I shared this in the comments of your money map post but if you do ever need a budgeting software YNAB is a really good option. https://hitechfinance.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/ynab-the-budget-tool-of-the-future/


Thanks, welcome to blogging too! You should definitely make a money map and join our chain gang! I did the free 30 day trial of YNAB and I could see the potential awesomeness of it, but between my husband and I, I found it too crazy to use since we have so many “one-off” transactions each month. Yes, it’s great for our reoccurring transactions, but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try again when I have more time to spend on YNAB…it could just be me being lazy!


Welcome to the Rockstar gang!

Make sure you link up your money map post with the chain gang forum post, it looks great.


Hi Christine, Welcome to the party!


That’s an impressive degree!!! Hello!!


Yay!!! Welcome!! Now we can be the weird military money people on three forms of social media!


Thanks Sarah. Where can I find the chain gang forum? I must be missing something!


Thanks Lily. I see you live in Seattle…I used to work for Boeing out of college…hence the degree!




You can find it right here :grinning:



Sorry for all the newbie questions, but it says its locked. Do you know how I can access it?


It’s no problem at all, there is a blogger specific section and you need to request access to those. You can do that here and once that’s approved you’ll get access to that post and all the other blogger ones:


Welcome to the forums. You will enjoy it here. I joined the blogging world last week, but this has been my favorite place to come to so far.

Thank your husband for me for his service. And I also want to thank you, because military spouses tend to be forgotten sometimes even though they make a lot of sacrifices for the country too.

Your friend gave you good advice and I’m glad you listened to him. And I’m also glad to see another Finance person blogging. Welcome!


Thanks for all the kinda words Tina. I see you are a newbie too! I just check out your “About Us” page on your site and your story is AMAZING!!!


You’ve got to click on the Blogger Lounge (click horizontal bars in top right), then ask Steve @Steve for permission to join the secret club. Also, you’ll enjoy getting to know @Nords, the best military finance mind in the house.

Welcome aboard, and thanks to your husband for his service!


Thanks for checking out my story, and i’m glad you liked it.


Hi Christine, welcome to the club!



Nice work with the money map! Check out the latest post by @MilitaryDollar on how to convert it to a Sankey chart which shows the flow of money!


Thanks for all the good info, i’m in now!