Hello from FI Heroes


Haha. Now you are getting us thinking about all sorts of ways to go about the unmasking. Love it! :male_detective::female_detective:


Hi everyone! Millennial new PF blogger here. Super excited to learn from you all and share ways to save, budget, and spend optimally! Also big fan of thefrugalgene Lily!


Hey, Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum. We’re also fairly new to blogging but we’re so excited to share our journey with everyone (the ups and the downs): http://fiheroes.com/

We’re also excited to learn from others as well. We are each other’s best resource after all.

We wish you the very best on your journey and are looking forward to hearing (and learning) more from you.

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Welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums. I am new as well. Tom