Hello from Cashflow Cop, an officer from UK


Hey everyone,

Another late one to the party. I blog at Cashflow Cop.

I’m a father of two boys and a husband of one wife :slight_smile:

I originally started the blog a little over a year ago to document some lessons for my two young boys once they are older. However, it has morphed into a bit of everything - part journal, part info, part just me rambling.

I am hoping to reach FI by 40 and maybe to be able to help some police colleagues (or anyone else) who stumble on my blog to improve their own finances along the way.

That’s me in a few sentences.

Cheerio for now.



Hi Cashflowcop!

Welcome to the Rockstar community :slight_smile: It’s great that you’re sharing personal finance ideas and helping folks to improve their finances. FI is certainly a valuable goal to work towards!



Welcome! I’ve read your stuff, glad to see you on the forums.


Hello and welcome! Can I just say your tagline for the blog is HILARIOUS!


Hi there onecupofrice.

Thank you. Took me a while to figure out a tag line. I just need someone to arrest me for my own bad financial habits!

Can I just say, your blog name is unusual and sticks out. Also, $350 monthly living expenses on >$5,000 monthly income? Wow. You’re smashing it and will be FI in no time!