Hello from Canada! Part mom, part real estate investor and living a consultant life


Hello from frosty Ontario, Canada!

My mission is to inspire others to stop settling in life, take action to do what you love to do, help and inspire you to kick ass and make your life amazing.

I empower readers about how to grow their money with a special focus on real estate:)

When I’m not blogging, I’m either acting as a mom, consultant or real estate investor. In my spare time, I love playing in the mud (obstacle racing) with my family.

Can’t wait to meet all of you! I would love to hear from you, come say hi:blush:



Welcome to the forums!




Welcome :slight_smile:
My profile is fairly similar to yours and I also live in Ontario!


Great post on blogging and way to rock the engagement content! What’s the best way to get more readers feedback? I’ve been struggling with getting comments, any insight?


Thank you!
I wish I could pretend I know what I am doing and tell you how to do it…but I am still fairly new and still testing things. Sometimes I get lots of comments and sometimes I don’t. Maybe one of the experienced blogger could answer this one better.


Hello and welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the group!


Great to hear! Welcome to the group. :grinning:


Oh my gosh, I know you! I found your excellent blog awhile back (and I also love Julie Broad - kinda bummed she left her RE gig for book publishing). You have great content for beginning/women/side hustle investors! In fact, I looked at your blog several times when I was trying to construct mine…so I guess you could say I’m already a fan!! Welcome!


Thank you for the kind words. It’s great to know my content is helping! I love this forum:)


This is a wonderful forum that is friendly and supportive.

If instead you want to witness some epic real estate smackdowns, just head over to Bigger Pockets, hahaha. (and I don’t mean to offend anyone…there is a wealth of great real estate information, advice, etc on BP… but some of the hard core investors really like to do battle on the forums)




Welcome to the forum @financialnirvanamama! Have fun!


Hello fellow Canuck,

Welcome to the forums. Love your blog and the hustle. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for your kind words


welcome mama, Im from Ontario too!

I think I get a fair amount of comments. If you use plugins, comment luv is a great one. It creates a backlink to the commenters most recent post when they comment and therefore promotes comments! good luck


Thanks! I have that one:) where is your biggest source of traffic?


Hi Nirvanamama, I’ve read your blog/vlogs before. I still remember, mini Canadian donald trump right? Welcome to RockstarFinance! I’m on the west coast and my blog focuses on tracking expenses, budgeting for next generation wealth, and optimized spending. I focus on aggressive saving as I’m still at accumulation/growth phase.


Twitter facebook and search engines are all pretty close everyday. Good luck!