Hello from Brooklyn, NY


Hi there! We Brooklynites need to stick together :). I live in Boerum Hill. But was in Williamsburg just before that. Yourself?


Hi, yes, another Brooklynite! Excited to check out your site, Miss Bonnie! I’m in Park Slope… -Linda


I’m in Boerum Hill! We’re practically living on top of each other.


I grew up in Marine Park area does that count?


Welcome, @missbonniemd! I’m relatively new to this forum as well, but so far, I’ve found it to be a great place to share ideas and gain inspiration. Some of the participants here have achieved early retirement, and others are actively working towards that goal. There is also some great advice on how to pay down student debt quickly.

BTW, I just came back from NYC and can’t say enough good things about the Italian restaurants in Brooklyn! My favorite city to visit, by far. Again, welcome, and I look forward to reading your blog.


Hi @missbonniemd. We’re just a married couple living in the midwest gem of the Twin Cities, Minnesota. It’s cold and snowing today, but it’ll start getting absolutely gorgeous here in a couple of months. That’s when the lakes open up and Minnesota feels like heaven. My wife and I fell in love with New York last year when we took 10 days and traveled the East Coast for the first time. (3 Days in New York) We’ll be back! We blog @ Wealth Well Done mainly about building the mind into a wealth and purpose producing machine. Once you can get your mind into the right state, it’s crazy how fast opportunities and wealth will just naturally accumulate around you. Have some fun in here. It’s a cool place.


Welcome!! Looking forward to reading more on your blog. :slight_smile:

Between you @BrooklynBread and @BiglawInvestor I better get some good tourist (not icky tourist but local spot tourist!) advice from ya’ll. As soon as spring hits I am making a trip out there…perhaps you will have a Brooklyn Club going by then??


Welcome! Looking forward to checking out your website.


Bring yo wallet(s). We know all the fancy places.


Welcome to the forums! I work in midtown so I’m only a subway ride away.

…I wonder if there are enough NYC folks around here for a club.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :slight_smile:


I live right by blue bottle.


Come on, Doc. You’ve GOT to check out @PoF - he’s CRUSHING it as a Doc and a blogger (AND, he’s a big part of this forum - show the love!!).

Welcome to the crack house (warning, this place is addictive!). We need all the docs we can get (can you get us a prescription for more crack??)


I’m in! I can make a good excuse to get to NYC…if my 'cuz is there, I’m in! :slight_smile:


PoF told me to come here :slight_smile:


Ah, and you listened!? Good Doc. @PoF is a pretty smart guy, you’re wise to take his advice! :blush:


Welcome to the forum, @missbonniemd! Lots of great people here.

Be sure to request access to the Blogger’s Lounge in this thread. It’s a great place to ask smart and dumb questions, get technical help, etc…



We are pretty close. I’m just down Smith street. We should get together!


Hey welcome!
I’m fairly new too! Everyone is awesome and extremely friendly. Excited to hear about your financial journey!
Best of luck!


Former Brooklynite here! (Brooklyner, Brooklynian)