Hello from a teen in Canada!


Hello everyone! I’m Ymma, a high school student from Canada. I love learning about everything (hence my username), especially math, technology, and recently, finance. My mom introduced me to this site and the insight the blogs and forums have given me so far are very helpful. I do not write blogs, but I plan to do so when I have more knowledge and experience on this subject. I look forward to associating with all of you!


Welcome! So great to see you learning this stuff so early in life. Many of us were in the dark for years. You are at such an advantage. Can’t wait to see all that you will add to this community.


Welcome! I wish I had found all this stuff as early as you, so I’ll hope you find value in it! :blush:


Welcome, Ymma! Your mom must be pretty cool! :slight_smile:


Hello fellow Canuck,

It’s never too early to start taking charge of your finances. Welcome!


Welcome. You are far ahead in your personal finance journey than most adults


Welcome fellow Canadian. So great that you’re learning about finance. :slight_smile:


Welcome! You are certainly going to be ahead of the curve :slight_smile:


Welcome @eternalphilomath - so awesome your mum introduced you to here. If you stick around, this will most likely become a life transforming decision!


@eternalphilomath - Welcome to the forum fellow Canuck! Great to have you hear. Hope you get to learn a lot from everyone here!


She sure is! :grin:


Welcome to this great place. Happy to know that you have started to learn about personal finance in very young age. I was not aware during these things during teens which would have been more helpful. Good luck Ymma.


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


@ eternalphilomath welcome to the forum!

I get so excited when I see people as young as you dive into personal finance. It’s definitely something I wish I was mature about in HS (or even University!!). If you stick around long enough, you’re going to become rich!! :smiley:


Ooo, another young individual around my age, what a gem :slight_smile: welcome aboard!

I highly encourage you to start your blog yesterday. While I don’t have much knowledge either and have A LOT to learn about personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship, etc. I still preach and speak my mind through my site, granted, some of it is reguargitated information with my own format, but I still say what I’d like to say while also documenting my progress along the way through my site.

You got this, good luck in the future


Welcome and congrats for starting so early:)


Hey hey, welcome here from a follow canadian. Use your young age to start early :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice! I hope you fare well in your blog! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you and no problem! Just helping out a fellow (future) blogger :slight_smile:


Welcome! I have written a book for young adults ( 15-25) to help them understand their relationship with money. I know first hand hand the struggles that young adults face since the school system does a very poor job of educating students about money and personal finance.
If you live in Toronto, I am happy for you to collect a free copy of my book.
You can learn more about the book at Confessions of a DAD: My Kids Don’t Understand the Value of Money - www.confessionsofadad.ca

Good luck and continue to learn about personal finance.