Hello from A Financial Savvy Doc


Hey there!

So I am completely new to blogging and this form. I’ve been reading and commenting on other blogs for a couple of years now, just not under the title as “A Financial savvy Doc” and decided I would like to join the community! My name is Matt and I am a first-year dental student. Which means I am going to be in a ton of debt once I graduate. So that’s fun.

I started my blog (afinancialsavvydoc.com) to help other colleagues understand finances. I found out very quickly that what I thought was common knowledge is actually a foreign language for some. I mentioned something about my IRA to someone and they asked me what that was! I was shocked. So my aim with my blog is to help future doctors understand the financial world and avoid costly mistakes once they are out making money.

I would love pointers and feedback because, to be frank, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to making a blog! Took me about 3 Youtube videos to figure out what Menus was and how to properly use it. I am slowly adding to it because school comes first.




Welcome Matt! I just started my blog too and it’s been a steep learning curve. Glad to see another doc blog!


Welcome! My best friend is a 2nd year dental student. He frequently laments about all the debt he’ll have when he’s done, and I bet he could benefit from a blog like yours.


Welcome! I found you the other day via a comment on one of my recent posts.

My Dad and his Dad were dentists. Neither one had a blog, though. :wink:

Good luck learning the ropes and have fun with it!



Don’t worry about your debt, you should see the size of the house my 35 year old dentist is building. Wow.


Thanks man! I’m excited to see your blog develop! Kinda fun that we started at the same time. We can suffer and grow together!


We take out so much in student loans it is kinda of intimidating, but definitely shouldn’t linger on it. What school is your friend at? If that isn’t too much to ask.


Yeah I mentioned that you need to go to Argentina! Following the dental tradition wasn’t for you huh?

And thanks! I’ve been enjoying it so far!


Haha thanks. That is one thing that keeps me going I’ll reap the rewards one day


Welcome, Matt! Lots of great people and info here. Shout out if you’ve got a specific question. Join/request access to the blogger lounge if you’ve not yet done so.


Thanks Amy!
I’ll be sure to ask questions if I get stuck! I’ll have to request to join the blogger lounge.


Hey doc,

Glad to have you here with us. And yes, school should come first.


Welcome! Love the bull and bear logo – did you make that yourself or have a designer make it?



Hey thanks! I made them myself. It was really fun, I was able to draw them on my surface pro. The drawing capability of this tablet/laptop is truly incredible. It’s funny because everyone says they understand the bull but are asking why I did a bear…


Welcome Matt!


Hello and welcome to the club! :wink:


Hey thanks! I’m excited to be here!


Welcome to our clubhouse :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Doc! We’re all learning here. It’s funny that your conversation about the IRA could make a huge difference in that person’s life. Sometimes people just don’t know what to do despite the best of intentions!


hi & welcome to the forum :slight_smile: congratulations on starting early on the personal finance journey.