Hello from a Canadian math teacher in China!


Hi everyone!
I’m cup of rice and I’ve been lurking around various PF/FI blogs for a few months before starting my own blog at one cup of rice. Thanks to @APurpleLife for introducing me to the forums :slight_smile:

I’m currently teaching math at an international school in China and aiming to FIRE by 35. Before China, I taught for a couple of years in London, which is an experience I hope to never repeat haha.

I’m working on adding some Real Life Finance™ to the next unit on compound interest :wink: A potential project for this year would be making a unit plan package for other teachers to use to teach PF and investing. So many ideas, so little time! If you could teach 3 money lessons to high schoolers, what would you teach?

Looking forward to being part of the community :slight_smile:


Welcome! Great to see another educator approaching FIRE.


@principalFI Nice to meet you! I just hopped over to your blog and LOVE the Educators on FI/RE interviews. And yes, I do hate meetings and micromanagement :upside_down_face: just let me spend time with the kids!


YAY!!! Welcome!


Great - just let me know if you ever want to be featured!


Would I ever! Sent you a message :mailbox_with_mail: