Hello fellow bloggers, I'm Andrew and I blog at Shift Upwards!


Hello everyone! I’m Andrew. I started my blog Shift Upwards in 2015.

I currently reside in Washington, DC with my wife and 0 kids/0 dogs. We are the classic DINK household. Actually, we are currently a SINK household, as I am taking a sabbatical from work. My wife is pretty awesome and actually pushed me to quit, without her and her support, I might still be stagnating/burning out at my job which was not a fit for me or my mental health.

Which brings us to why I am here today. I’ve always been huge on personal finance and writing. That’s why I started my blog. However, I’ve also struggled a lot with the anxiety around putting myself out there. Hence, I have a been in a bit of a hot/cold pattern with the blog. But community is everything, and I have recently started focusing on harnessing the power of the community.

I was at FinCon in 2016, and met (I presume) many of you. I had a blast. I am planning to return to FinCon in Orlando this year, but have not 100% committed yet.

Since quitting my job, I have been diving deep into the inner workings of WordPress. I love playing around, and learning how everything works. I am more than happy to help anyone with WordPress questions/problems.

I hope to be quite active here and to get to know everyone better. Thanks for taking the time to read my intro!


Welcome Andrew! I am new myself, but welcome nonetheless.

Will definitely hit you up with questions on WordPress!


Welcome Andrew! I’ll be attending FinCon this year for the first time so expect to see me there making a fool of myself as I am known to do.

Congrats on getting out of a unhealthy work situation. Mental health is very important and should not be neglected in favor of a paycheck. The anxiety of putting yourself out there can be nervewracking but its also cathartic.


Hi Andrew, welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you are putting your health first.


Welcome Andrew!! :slight_smile: Looking forward to reading your stuff


Hi Andrew and welcome! I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to quit your job but you’re lucky to have found such a supportive and protective partner!


Welcome, Andrew!




Thanks! And yes, I definitely count my blessings with having a supportive partner who pushed me to take a leap. I think that’s probably more hard than easy to come by, so I remind myself of it pretty often.


Awesome, likewise for me. Glad to be here.


Thanks for your nice message. FinCon is a great experience - overwhelming, to be sure, but definitely worth it. Prepare for some jam-packed days, late nights, and a raspy voice when you return home :slight_smile:


Don’t hesitate to shoot me questions. I find WordPress to be really fun and intuitive once you get the hang of it, but there’s a bit of a learning curve and it can be intimidating- so I am always happy to help.


Hi and welcome!


Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to reading more.


Hi Andrew. I’ll pm you over this weekend with some questions. Right now, I am still playing just around with some WordPress plugins. If you know of any hidden gems, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum! :grinning:


Hi Andrew, I’m Tom fromDividends Diversify. Welcome


Hi Andrew! I attended my first FinCon last year and look forward to Orlando this year. Hope to see you there.