Hello Everyone! I'm Tae and a newbie personal finance blogger!


Hello Everyone!

I’m a newbie personal finance blogger and super excited to have found this forum thanks to Kevin from Financial Panther (https://financialpanther.com/).

I live in sunny southern California with my most beautiful wife and two little kids, a boy and a girl ages 5 and 3. I hope to create family friendly personal finance content that can help families best manage their finances.

I look forward to connecting and learning from everyone here! Please find my blog here at https://financialtortoise.com/




Hi there Tae! I’m a newbie too, so we can be newbie bloggers together. :slight_smile: I visited your blog—you have a beautiful family! It looks like you have a lot of great experience to share.

PS I also love Financial Panther.


Financial panther, financial tortoise. We also have a financial lion floating around these parts too. Could open up an FI zoo :slight_smile:

Great to have another blogger with a young family. Welcome


Welcome Tae!




Welcome! I look forward to reading.




Hi @Chrissy! Thank you for the kind words! And yes, it’d be amazing to start out on this blogging journey with a fellow newbie! Hope we can share ideas!


Thanks @yourmoneyblueprint! Excited to be here!


Thanks @marc2242!


Hi Tae!!


Thanks @moneybeagle!


Thanks @principalFI! Very excited to be here! I like your Educator/FI combo theme! Also work in education in my day job.


Thanks @Accidental_FIRE!


A lot of us aren’t much ahead of you.
We can all teach each other!



Do you have social media we can follow yet? Checked out your site, but didn’t see any Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/etc?


Thanks @WealthyDoc! Definitely excited to learn!


Thanks @moneymatters. No social media yet :blush: Need to work on that as my next to do!




Great to hear about you and your family! Welcome to the group. :slight_smile: