Hello, dreaming to retire by 50


36 year old father of 3 boys with a wonderful wife hoping to retire by 50. I have been debating on trying my hand at blogging simply as way to stay on the path of FI. I have read a bunch of online articles on how to start blogging, just wondering from anyone who has started one recently if they are as easy to start as they are described. I have become my father and technology has started to pass me by and creating a website seems like a daunting challenge. Would love to hear some stories on how the process of starting a blog has gone, not looking to make money or use it as another income stream but to share my story/journey and to keep me honest about my finances. Best of Luck to everyone here and hope to hear more encouraging stories.


Hi @retireby50
I started my blog 7 months ago. Yes it was really easy to start the blog (15 minutes), the real work starts after that.
@buybackfreedom has done really well, he had 1,000 views in 2 weeks and thought he was slow. I have 1,000 views after about 2 months! I have now crossed the 4,000 barrier!

However, I have had amazing support from this community. I struggle to name them, but let’s go for @RetirementManifesto, @Mrs.Groovy, @FrugalFox, @DerekOlsen, @DebtDiscipline, @WhiteCoatInvestor, @ESIMoney @Steve and many many more.

For me, it has been a long but enjoyable road, and I also know I haven’t really started yet

But I am concentrating on building high quality posts. I dream of a Rockstar Finance post!

Good Luck


Welcome RB50.

I’m 5 years ahead of you in age and 1 boy behind.

I started my site at the beginning of 2016, having Zero coding experience. Wordpress and the plugins make it fairly straightforward. If you come across a question, google it, and you’ll likely find a tutorial.

I shared my best blogging tips in one big post.

Cheers, and welcome!


Welcome @retireby50!

I’m about seven weeks into blogging and it has been a very cool experience. I can see the benefit for the accountability factor alone. So far the thing I’ve done wrong is delete my whole site a week in and I had to rebuild it from scratch. That was stressful but also good because I had a better idea of what I wanted to do after that.
I paid $59 for a premium theme which has helped with tech support. Other more technologically or proficient bloggers probably don’t need to do that but it has helped me.
Read all of @PoF’s tips and you will be lightyears ahead. His tips are super helpful.
Other than that if you are all about accountability then just have fun and use it as a tool to get to your goal. That alone is a great reason to blog. Also it gives you access to so many more people that might be helped by your ideas and your strategies and they might just help you as well. Good luck.

Tom @ HIP


Thanks for all the help and links! going to carve out some time this weekend and next week and try to get started. Will keep people updated and probably have more questions.


Welcome to the forum! I’m a 36 year old mother of three boys, it’s like we’re FI twins. :slight_smile:

It’s very easy to start a blog - maybe 15 minutes to set everything up. If you’re just using it as a personal journal of sorts, you can start very simply and for free. The hard work comes with keeping up with it, particularly if you’re trying to build an audience and post more than just your own journey. You can always start simply with the basics and later change to something more expensive/more complex if you decide you want to ramp things up.


Even if you make a blog and leave all the posts on private, it is a good idea for you. It helps a lot with focus and perspective for the FIRE journey. Physcian on Fire’s post about starting a blog(above) is great. I also wrote one that you could be the first to look at HERE


Hi @retireby50 - looks like we’re on the same track (retiring by 50!). I actually just published a post this week that might be helpful…

– Jim


start blogging on blogspot domain full guide step by step read this article


Echoing most the comments here, I have found setting up a blog to easy. And optimizing it fun (if you like low-stress problem solving and figuring things out).

Growing the site… that is a whole other challenge… (I started 2 months ago)


Agreed. There’re many good tutorials on how to start a blog on Bluehost/Siteground/etc. to help you get started. The difficult thing is to stay motivated and maintain your posting cadence. Besides accountability, I really enjoy getting to know the FI community through my blog (I started under 2 months ago).