Have a life outside of work


Here’s a good article to keep in mind. I know I have an internal desire to keep up with the Jones’ as it comes to career success but I’ve been able to manage it the last couple of years and my personal life has taken a front seat.


Couldn’t agree more.


I hope most people don’t need to read an article fromHBR to realise that! But absolutely, I couldn’t agree more, and I’m glad they are validating that hypothesis through research :blush:


It’s a helpful reminder for me. Society puts a ton of pressure on me to have the career and family and when you are not in the norm like I am, it’s a good reminder.


Totes. I’ve always been a big believer in this. Work to live, don’t live to work!


Living the dream!


@Peter Is that you?


Keen surfer?


Yeah buddy!
A few years back, but as often as i can I try to get a wave in!
Living the Dream!


Body surf,
I’m too lazy to carry a board :wink:
Living the Dream!


Ooh - I am on break right now and was wondering if I should work today a bit. This helps - perhaps a nice walk in the woods instead…

Timely post - thanks.