Greetings From Money Miser!


Hey Guys/Gals!

Andrew from Money Miser here. I just discovered this awesome forum full of like minded bloggers, how didn’t I discover this sooner?

I’m a relatively new blogger in the financial freedom spectrum and try to cover topics highlighting a strategic route to FIRE using a business perspective. I’m also an advocate of pursuing financial freedom without restricting yourself to total frugality, so a lot of my articles cover this concept. You have to find a healthy balance between saving and spending to ensure you stay sane on the (long) journey.

A little about myself, I live in Vancouver, Canada but I’m originally from Liverpool, England. I’m an accountant by day, a student by night (CPA) and a blogger in between. I’m recently married to a non-FIRE motivated lass. I managed to convince her to get on board with my plan and thankfully she is super supportive. We’re hoping to retire by 40 (29 now) and need to hit about a 55% savings rate from here on out to do so. It’s going to be a long journey!

Anyway, enough from me. Hopefully I’ll get to discover some other awesome blogs on here.

  • Andrew (Money Miser)


Hi Andrew,

Welcome. Glad you found us.

Wow, we have so much in common: CPA, living in Canada and also been blogging for only a month.

Stick around, you will love RSF


Welcome to the forums, Andrew! I’m so glad my husband and I were on the journey together. It certainly helps when it comes to making every day decisions - in addition to major ones like where to live, housing, cars, etc. I think you’ll find the forums a great place to hang out and learn. You’ll have a lot to share in your journey as well!


Wow that is a lot of similarities! There seems to be quite a few accountants in the community. If the shoe fits, wear it!

Where in Canada are you based? I feel Vancouver has a pretty difficult environment for FIRE, I imagine Toronto does too.

I love it here already, it’s the only place I’ve found where bloggers can actually talk without being shunned for self promotion. A forum FOR bloggers is a great idea. Most seem to hate them haha.


Hi Vicki!

Yes it must be excellent when you are both motivated by the same thing. Your decision making must be so easy when you’re both on the same page! For us it’s a bit of a negotiation every time something comes up, but thankfully Mrs. Miser is very supportive and open so we usually find a solution quickly. I actually think FIRE helps us communicate openly about money unlike many marriages where it’s not.

My journey is pretty new, I actually just posted my first update about our journey today and will be doing so every month from here on out. Going to be a long one but definitely worth it!

Thanks for the warm welcome.


Welcome Andrew! So glad to meet you!

I am 26, a newly minted CPA (officially admitted to the profession as of August 1, 2017!), and live in Greater Vancouver. Not a blogger, but lots of similarities there nonetheless. I think I’m going to have to try again to promote a Vancouver meetup - there are more of us here than I ever expected!

Good luck with both your CPA and your FIRE journey, and let me know if you ever want to chat about either. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here!


Are there really a lot of Vancouver FIRE people? I only know of one other blogger (Tawcan) and have met virtually no other people. We certainly do have a lot in common! I didn’t even know you could become a CPA in August? Isn’t the CFE in September? Perhaps August is when you finished your experience requirement. Congrats either way! That’s awesome. I can’t wait for the end of 2018 to have it behind me (hopefully).


Thanks David, it’s great to be here!


My path was a little unusual, because I finished the courses and exams a long time before I finished the experience requirements. I completed those in April of this year, and then it took some time for them to process my experience requirements and application, so it officially happened in August.

In addition to @Tawcan, I know of @debtstoriches, @budgetundercover, @caitflanders (not officially Vancouver or Lower Mainland anymore, but Squamish is not that far away), @Stasher is on Vancouver Island, and there are some others that I’m probably missing. Perhaps not all FIRE-specific, but finance-focused. And of course there are more that aren’t necessarily on this forum. I haven’t met anyone in person (yet!), but had proposed a meetup in an old thread that maybe we could revive, if there’s interest.

Good luck with the CPA program! It’ll feel amazing once it’s over.


I’m in!


Sounds like there are a bunch ppl from the Vancouver area. Maybe we should look into organize a meetup.

Out of the ppl that @Katrina mentioned I’ve only met @debtstoriches and @caitflanders in person.


Thanks for the mention @Katrina
I’m friends with @caitflanders and she is one of the nicest people I know, I always enjoy my visits with her. I enjoy following @Tawcan (especially his recent posts) so you should connect with hime (I havent yet)

I haven’t reached out to many other FIRE bloggers as even though I’m now retired and focusing on my blog, the writing revolves around my outdoor photography and mountain sports (my side hustle I have developed since retiring)

I have done several meetups and now meet and ride mountain bike regularly with a few fellow MMM forum members who are on the path to FIRE.

We are planning a meetup I think Nov 10 or 11 in Vancouver which will most likely involve riding in Squamish or North Van, then having a beer and chatting retirement, money, investing and the usual… oh ya and who was fastest on the trail :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums Andrew ( @Money-Miser ) and you have come to the right place for chatting with like minded individuals


Thanks everyone! Wow, this is quite the community here. I really had no idea!


Hey welcome! Pity you’re a scouser. I’m kidding! :wink:
Looking forward to hearing more about the journey.


Ha! Now now, don’t believe everything you hear…we’re not all as we’re portrayed to be.


Welcome to the forum @Money-Miser! Fellow Canadian immigrant here! Hope you have fun poking around!


Welcome! And congrats on getting your wife on the same page! It took me a bit to get the husband on board!


Hi Andrew! Looks like I claimed your name just in time.