Google Adsense


So I signed up for Google Adsense and add the code to my site, but all the ads display as blank boxes. Am I doing something wrong or am I just not fully approved? Is there a traffic minimum (I don’t get much traffic yet since my site is brand new)? Thanks in advance!



How long has the code ben on your site. It usually takes a day or two for the ads to show up.


I’m having the same problem. It has only been one day though.


For a site I signed up for Adsense it took almost two weeks to get official confirmation. There is a traffic minimum for Google, I have had sites rejected due to low traffic. I am unsure of their benchmark though.


The ads were blank for me for about a day or two. They’ll appear.


Its been up for probably about a month now.


Hmm… I think when I signed up for Google Adsense I might have been getting 30-60 hits a day? My ads appeared after a day or two.


Here are their guidelines – I don’t see any traffic minimum requirements:


At some point, I am going to follow the advice from @ESIMoney and monetize early on for the fun, challenge, and additional income.

Was there an instructional website or video that you found that was very helpful for getting started with Google adsense?

I appreciate your suggestions and recommendations. Thank you!


No video. The process is pretty easy. Google it and you should find something.


Hey @DrMcFrugal.

I recently set up my AdSense account (registering account, adding code to header for verification and then it took about 24 hours to get the ‘go ahead’ from Google). I just used the Google tutorials to do that…was super easy:

In terms of integrating ads, I just watched this 1 video but there are a dozen more just like it and then did some quick Google searching on other best practices/tutorials:

Again, it was really straightforward.

Hope that helps a bit,




Thanks for your recommendations! I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Did you need to get a PIN in the mail before activating your account?


I believe that’s only when its time to cash out and you’re requesting payment via cheque. Someone with more experience than me could verify but I think that’s the case.


Did you use a plug-in to add the code to your site? Or did you do it manually through editor?


I added it via the custom HTML widget in wordpress.