#GivingCards Mission #4: Someone You Work With


Awww, I love this! I can totally relate to small talk. This goes to show how much connection is out there waiting to be shared :slight_smile::heart:


Aww, this is great!! And I love Kevin’s card… too cute!


It was a great surprise! They are such a great group of people!


So WAY back in January, I bought a $50 gift card at my fav local coffee shop. I let the awesome baristas there know that I wanted it to be used for free drinks whenever people needed 1. Celebration 2. Comfort or 3. Encouragement. They just finished using it up.

Each time they gave away a drink, they let the person know that someone had bought a gift card to cover just these kinds of moments.

They covered drinks for people’s birthdays. They covered drinks when people came in having a really hard day. One lady came in on the verge of tears because her little sister had just relapsed and was heading back to drug rehab that day. She was overwhelmed with grief and disappointment, and the fact that a stranger had set aside a gift card so she could get a free drink at that specific moment was HUGE for her.

Small gifts can’t change circumstances, but sometimes all people need to know is that there are other people who hear their story, that they aren’t alone, and someone cares.

A BIG shout out to my awesome coffee shop baristas, who were awesome at leaning into people’s stories and being able to meet people where ever they were.


This is a really good idea - I dig it.


Thanks for another great month, guys! You can see all the stories shared below, and also make sure to check out the highlight pages on the website (these are easier links to share from your website or social platforms, etc):

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Sorry mine was late, I was traveling at the end of the month and didn’t get a chance to post my round up til this week!


Thank you for the GivingCard. I donated mine to Lexi’s LAMB, a non-profit founded in memory of granddaughter, Lexi. We’ll be delivering Easter treats to sick & injured kiddoes in a local hospital late Friday afternoon. Thank you for helping us put a smile on their faces. And if I haven’t goofed up the uploading process, here’s a picture of what we bought with the GivingCard.


All good, thank you!


Beautiful, thank you!