#GivingCards Mission #4: Someone You Work With


Thanks, Nate! I’ll let her know! She’s definitely feeling the love. :heart:


Here is a link to the post I wrote about the $20.00 gift card we received from the Rockstar Community Fund.

I’ve posted the words and photos here too. :slight_smile:

Childhood Hunger

RockStarFinance.com is such a great website run by J. Money and Nate St. Pierre. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the terrific Directory of Personal Finance Blogs they created.

Well now they are doing even something better and more beneficial to our communities.

They’ve started a program called the Rockstar Community Fund, and specifically the #GivingCards project.

The idea behind the program is for people to pool together their money and use it to do good in their communities. Specifically they give away five $20 Visa gift cards every month to people to use to do good in their own communities.

Well I loved the idea and immediately thought about the snack pack program at the middle school, which I’ve written about here before. This is the school where I sub the most and I have seen the need there first hand.

I explained on the application that this area is a poor rural community where over half of the students are on government assistance due to low incomes.

Oftentimes these students leave school on Friday and don’t have another hot meal until they return to school on Monday. Some of them have no one to cook a meal for them.

The snack pack program helps to fill a void in their lives by sending them home with a bag of food so they will have something to eat over the weekend.

The most requested item for the program is canned pasta and canned soup because this is something easy for a middle school aged student to fix for him or herself.

One of the problems with the program is that it is severely underfunded. There are over 100 students on the program and even with donations, there is often not enough food to meet the needs of the students.

Because of that, I decided to apply for one of the $20 Visa cards from the Rockstar Community Fund to buy some food for these student. The application for the snack pack program was approved and I received the $20 Visa card earlier this month.

Well you know me. I did my research and found the best deal I could to use this money wisely. I knew that the cheapest place to find canned pasta would be at Walmart.

Now I know some of you don’t care for Walmart, but I was looking to buy as many cans of pasta that I could for this $20.00.

Lucky for us, my daughter even found some coupons for Spaghettios. The coupons were 40¢ off for two cans. So on Saturday, my daughter and I went to Walmart and picked up 26 cans of Spaghettios with meatballs. The pasta was 98¢ per can, but with the coupon would be 71¢, which was cheaper than the 80¢ cans of Chef Boyardee.

Here is a photo of the bags of Spaghettios. It was dark this morning when I took the picture.

I’m so thrilled and grateful to the people at Rockstar Finance who created such a beautiful program to help people help in their own communities. I am grateful that they decided to help me help the students in my community with childhood hunger.

And since we are not supposed to take pictures of students and post them on the Internet, I posted some photos of the school hallway this morning before they arrived.

And here is a photo of the classroom I worked in today before the students arrived.

I want to send a big thank you to Nate St Pierre, J. Money, and the Rockstar Community for donating the money to help alleviate childhood hunger. We could do not this without people like you helping with programs like this.

Thank you!



I was excited when my giving card arrived, but I had no thoughts about how to use it. When I told my wife, she said, “Oh, I know who needs that!”

Turns out that there’s a woman at my wife’s job who is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She’s right in the middle of the treatments, and if you know anyone who’s gone through them, they’re AWFUL.

I gave the card to my wife (and we match the card to bring our total giving to $40) and told her to make sure she got some pictures of it.

I got a message back yesterday afternoon from my wife: “Sorry I forgot to take pictures, we were both crying too hard.”

She said that she gave the money to the woman, who was deeply touched by the gesture. Apparently, chemotherapy kills this woman’s sense of taste for a week after each treatment so she can’t taste anything at all. My wife said the woman told her that it had been 8 days since her last treatment and that her sense of taste was back. She said, “I’m going to go spend this money on a REALLY delicious meal!”

I doubt we’ll get any pictures from this month, but the gift card made the day of a woman who is dealing with breast cancer. Another good deed done!


This is EXACTLY the mindset we love to see, and the gift we’re going for with this project. Thank you x10 for totally “getting it,” for the hard work you and your daughter put in, for all the pictures, and most importantly, for helping the kids that needed it in the school. Much love!


This made me laugh, hahaha

Love that she’ll get a great meal and had a touching moment with a friend! And thank you for matching every month - it’s always noticed!


I work with a very tiny staff, so I went outside to make a small difference. I purchased some quilt batting and made small quilts to donate to the local children’s hospital. They use these to brighten the rooms of sick kids. I love the sewing, and I love to imagine the small comfort their own cozy, flannel quilt may bring.


I took one pic I posted on twitter. I am about anonymity for now and felt I should keep my co-worker anonymous too. I did give her the letter so hopefully she checked out the site!


This month’s #givingcard was given to a well-deserved, hard-working Project Manager who I work with daily, Carmen. She is always looking out for the best interest of her customers and her peers. She makes project managing look easy…she does it with such finesse and efficiency. You’d never know that at home her dad is battling cancer. To help her and her family during this difficult time I gave her the #givingcard and matched it as well. Please consider donating to this loving family: https://www.gofundme.com/our-heros-road-to-remission


I heard from my wife the recipient of the card opted NOT to go for a super-delicious meal, but instead spent the money on “a beautiful, spring-y hat to cover my bald head.” Seems like she put the money to a good use that will help her feel better during her chemotherapy, and feeling anything good during chemo is apparently very rare.


I don’t know what batting is, but brightening the lives of sick kids I do understand :slight_smile:


I think this belongs here… @GraceHong made cupcakes!!


Love the pic and the personal note too. Good stuff here, thank you!


Thanks to Rockstar Finance I was able to help and serve my community here in Fort Carson, CO. My dad is in the U.S. Army and I wanted to thank our troops and local fire station for all their hard work by baking cupcakes. With my $20 VISA card, I bought baking supplies and baked around 60 cupcakes. My family and I delivered them to our firefighters and to my dad’s co-workers. Here are some pictures on our baking adventure. Thank you again Rockstar Finance!


Awesome!! They look delicious too. :slight_smile:


Very cool!


Such a good idea, and very cool to see the little one involved, too! Love seeing all the happy faces in these pictures :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I was so excited to partner with Rockstar Finance and their Giving Card Project. From the moment my card arrived I was contemplating ways to give back in my work environment. I work for a cleaning and restoration company and our guys do some of the dirtiest cleanups! And they’re usually in homes with no AC, in the scorching Texas heat! I admire our mission because we help others in times of disaster: flooding, fires and storm recovery. When I mentioned the idea of a company lunch my coworkers we’re quick to pitch in. So much so, that we we’re able to offer lunch to our employees as well as customers stopping by for supplies.

Thank you Rockstars for brightening everyone’s day and reminding us to pay it forward!


YES - free food for working folks, with pictures to prove it . . . perfect, thank you!


I did one myself this month, too . . . here’s what happened:

I carry one #GivingCard in my wallet at all times, and I was at a meeting in Chicago a couple weeks ago. I drove down to meet a friend on the west side of town, and then took and Uber into the city so I wouldn’t have to worry about looking for or paying for parking for my one-hour meeting downtown. Upon driving back to my car, the Uber driving started chatting with me (talking to people is hard for me - sigh), and we made small talk for a while.

Then he asked what my meeting was about, and it happened to be about #GivingCards, so I told him the story about how we give out these gift cards each month, etc. Then he asked me, “Are you a millionaire?” And I laughed and I laughed. :slight_smile:

I did not expect to laugh on that ride, friends. But after I was done I told him that in fact I was not, and neither are most of the people who participate - we just want to give back where and when and how we can. I then told him that I had one more card left, and would he like it to do something positive with in his community. At first he refused, and I said okay, and returned the card to my wallet, but a few minutes later, he said that he did know of a young woman who works at McDonald’s, and they’re closing down her restaurant for two weeks for renovation, so she won’t be working during that time, and she was concerned about making her bills. He said that if possible, he would give the card to her to help buy groceries for her family.

So I pulled the card back out and handed it to him, and told him not to worry about sharing the story in the forums, that I would do it for him. So, Cory, this one’s for you. Thanks for helping out your young, hard-working friend this month.


When will the new one be posted? I keep missing out, and I’d love to join again!