G'day from Australia


G’day everyone!

I’m stoked to find this community and feeling daft for not having joined it earlier!

I’m 32 yrs old and finally starting to earn a real wage after nearly a decade at Uni. That means making up for lost time building up wealth so I care become FIRE. I also blog about investing and PF at wealthfromthirty.com which is a place for me to learn and keep some kind of record of my journey getting my financial mojo on. There are tons of great bloggers and resources out there so I guess being a part of a community like this one is an awesome place to meet more people on similar journey. Plus it’s tons motivating, since 99% of the money talk in my life occurs online.

Look forward to chatting with you and some of the familiar faces from the blogosphere and twitter!


Good morning, or that’s top of the evening to you! Congrats on busting out of the ivory tower and getting your financial mojo on. I’m pretty new to this forum too, but it seems the perfect place to keep your FIRE burning. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums! I’ve been to your fine country once and loved it, hope to go again one day!

I like the layout of your blog, very clean and simple!


Hello and welcome to the forums! Glad you found us, I think you’ll enjoy it here.


Top of the evening indeed, and the rest of the day to yourself! Thanks for the kind words - not quite out of the ivory tower yet, but planning an escape!


Thanks Accidental_Fire. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Oz, it’s a beautiful country for sure.


Thanks for the warm AmyB, I’m looking forward to hanging out here :slight_smile:


Welcome to the nuthouse! Aussie’s always welcome, ya’ll are great!


Followed you on twitter!


Welcome to Rockstar!


@RetirementManifesto thanks very much! Nice to know us Aussies are welcome :wink: Will try not to run amuck haha.
@Jenny Schweet! might have been my 200th twitter follower so thank you!
@AdventureRich cheers mate!


Hello and welcome. I am refraining from making any Paul Hogan jokes or references. Aw crap, I think I just made a reference.


That’s nat a knife. THIS is a knife…


@the_graying_saver ha you sure did it. Thanks for the welcome mate. I’ll throw a shrimp on the barbie for ya.
@RetirementManifesto You just taught me something about my own accent! Gold!


Welcome. Glad to have you here with us!