FYI - Use Royalty Free Images or Pay For Them


FYI, Deposit Photos has a big sale every year where you can pick up 100 photos for something like $40. I usually get a couple sets (i.e. 200 images for $80).


Good to know. Thanks!


They run the special once I year at a random time. If there’s enough interest in buying from them, I’ll approach them and see if we could get the same deal for Rockstar forum members.


Heck yeah, sign me up! I just checked out their images and they look great. Some of them are identical to the ones on iStockPhoto that I would have used.


Let’s see if anyone else is interested…if it’s just me and you’ll, I’ll let you know the next sale they have.


I implore guest posters not to use anything from Google images or any other random place, but only from bona fide royalty-free stock photo sites.

On my own posts (and many guest posts), I just find a suitable photo that I’ve taken. Gives me many opportunities to take a stroll down memory lane!

@LifeAndMyFinances, sorry to hear about the lawsuit. Buncha crap.


Thanks for all the feedback. Unfortunately, I have such a unique theme that I don’t think the stock image places will work for me.

I did contact the storefront of the specific image I was hoping to use and the owner informed me that it was royalty-free, which is great news for me. He also gave me free reign to use any of his copyrighted images (as long as I give him a shout out), not sure I’ll need them, but it’s nice to have the option.

While I much prefer to create my own images and use them, it’s nice to save a little money on materials (i.e. lego figures) and time (the staging can be kind of a hassle).

Thanks again for all the feedback, it is really helpful and if I end up using any more traditional stock images, I’ll be sure to do my due diligence.


Ha, yeah, it was a bunch of crap. A $2 image and they wanted $2,200…ridiculous, ridiculous crap.


I’ve grabbed that deal from DepositPhotos before too, it’s a steal. It would be great if they offered a similar deal to Rockstar forum members.


Another good source is Snappygoat, which pulls together images from several sources (which it says are public domain). It also lets you make memes with the pictures.


Ah, nice! So many choices out there for high-quality free imagery.


WOW. So is it you have to pay for it or you won’t have to pay for it as long as you take it down in time? I’m so sorry! That’s crazy. Really thank you for the warning Derek!

I’ve been bumming around Pixabay and other free image sites. The content is limited but at least we know it’s free use. I started using my own photos for the personal touch too.


You sold me at meme.


Keep a lookout for this deal, deposit photos usually run a deal in sept + mars on appsumo,
The good thing is that it´s a super discount + the credits you buy has been lifetime credits at a one-time fee so it´s quite attractive.
This is their last deal, if they follow their pattern something similar should come out in Mars.


I :heart: memes :grin:


When I got the email, I took down the image immediately…didn’t matter. They still kept pushing and emailing…Womp wommmm. BUT, I’m glad that I could at least warn the rest of you! This has turned into a great string of resources!!


I use mostly Pixabay to find images and use Stencil to add title and some effects. Besides that I use google search with filtering by Settings -> Advanced search and set usage rights to “free to use, share or modify, even commercially”. But still have to check after that the license type. Adding “public domain” to the search could help. The only case I have concerns about are memes which I am creating with’s memegenerator. Not sure if using the source images from the site is ok, but they are all over the internet so I assume it should be.


This is sort of a hack that I used. I bought one month with Big Stock Photo for $99 and got 300 photos. The rough part is you can only download 10 a day so it probably isn’t worthwhile unless you are going to go in each day and download your 10. I managed to download 290 during my subscription. For $169 you can down load 20 a day for a total of 600. There is no penalty for cancelling after the month. I think the selection and quality were good. Here is a link to their plan page (not an affiliate link):


Out of curiosity, I’m surprised that so many people are paying for their images when there are so many CC0 image sources, like Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. Are you finding that the quality through paid sources is better? Or, are you looking for specific photos that these CC0 photo sources don’t provide?

I’m not criticizing your decision to pay, but I am curious!


I got into a legal dispute with Getty images years ago. They wanted, and an obscene amount of money for some pictures the vendor who made or website failed to renew. Luckily we worked it out and didn’t have to exchange money; I have now resorted to buying images. I have a friend who is an amazing photographer and his images are very reasonable