Fundrise Feedback


Can anybody comment on your experience using the Fundrise platform?. They now have launched what they call a goal-oriented invested approach using three portfolio options. I’ve been watching them and have heard pros and cons. Looking for some honest feedback based on actual users and hard facts. Thanks in advance for your help


I am interested too. Looking into REITs for passive income/exposure to real estate without owning a rental.


I put together a video earlier this year that shoed what my results looked like after 12 months of investing with Fundrise. You can see how it panned out for me here:

The long and the short of it is - I invested $1,000 back in early 2017 and saw an 8.77% return after one full year. Not bad, but nothing stellar either (this money would’ve been much better spent in a standard, self-managed real estate investment). However… considering I didn’t have to do ANYTHING to make this money other than sit around and wait for a year, there’s something to be said for that too (normal real estate investments take a lot more work to bring to fruition).

I think there’s definitely merit to it - but it’s not for everyone.