From the Guys at Smart Money Seed -- Hey, Everyone!


Hey, everyone! We’re so excited to be here and to get to know you. This is Alex from Smart Money Seed which I run along with my good friends, Christian and Ty. We’re all from Ohio and graduated from college in 2015. We all have begun careers in business related fields and have thus far remained in Ohio.

We’ve been blogging for about 9 months and really want to focus our efforts on interacting more in the community to better serve and collaborate with our fellow bloggers. Similar to many of you, we focus on personal finance, professionalism/career, self-improvement, travel, and a little bit of investing.

We’d love to turn this into a money making venture we can take full time someday, but for now we’re focusing on consistently putting out high quality content and becoming more interactive in this space. If you’re interested in having us write a guest post for your blog or publishing a guest post on ours, let’s get in touch!


Hi, welcome to the forum


Hi Alex,

Welcome. Glad to see you finally decided to join the forums!




Thanks-- so are we!


Hi and welcome. I’m looking forward to reading your content.


Hey!! I just joined myself, although I have been working for a few years I just recently discovered the idea of Financial Independence and the community around it.
As a 27-year old Scandinavian/Swede, from a country where this is not a conventional thing, I am eager to get to know this community better and learn as much as I can!
Cheers guys!


Hi Alex, nice to see you here!


Hi Alex, welcome!