Fresh immigrants money updates - if you're curious how it's life when starting over in the US


Hello again, Rockstar friends.

Thought you might like an update on how we’re doing, since we immigrated in the US on January with nothing but 12 thousand bucks, 3 suitcases and a 5 year old daughter.

First months were pretty hectic, as we needed to do all the paperwork, get our SSNs, look for an apartment to move into, trying to see who’s gonna get a job and who’s staying at home with the kiddo. As we didn’t have a health insurance plan at first and we were late with her PreK registration, we decided to keep her at home until fall, to avoid any illnesses.

Husband got a low paying job as a doorman in Manhattan, but it pays a decent health insurance.

I decided to remain at home and re-start my web design business from scratch, since we have no one to rely on, should daughter need attention. Not to mention that, if I was to get a job, it would still be part-time (someone has to cook, clean etc.). Business has been pretty low these months, but there’s improvement and a lot of money to be made. I have almost 20 years of experience online, had a successful biz back in Romania, will make it. I put a portfolio up and running ( and slowly build my traffic / clientele from there.

We got a car, as husband needs one to get to and from work. With all registration, repairs etc. it cost us about 6,000. We didn’t get any loan, we paid it in cash and so far we are still debt free.

Rent is pretty steep (1,500), but we live in an excellent area in Queens, clean and safe. The schools are amazing, which is OK, since kiddo is an over-achiever at 5 already and it would be nice to get decent programs for her.

We paid almost 2,000 in tennis lessons. She’s extremely good at this and it’s one of the things we actually immigrated for. Very pleased with her progress, she advanced to the elite class in her age group and doing well.

Daughter is now in Kindergarten, she’s made an impression on how much she knows. In about a month her English got extremely good, way better than husband’s :smiley:

We received a lot of hand-me-downs from friends, from books to furniture and clothing for the little one, so we were able to save a lot of money and still have something to sleep on. The biggest investment a 400 bucks mattress. Husband found stuff in Manhattan others discard (office chair, TV, table, picnic chairs etc.) All in surprisingly great condition, so we had no problems taking the stuff home.

Right now our main goal for the end of the year is to keep our costs down and remain debt free. Husband has promises for a better job, but, even so, we’re OK. If we don’t overspend, his small wage and what I earn online is enough for a while.

As soon as we earn more, we’ll save more aggressively and build more assets (mainly numismatic coins, since it’s his passion and we already have a pretty good collection).

So … this is it, life as new Americans :slight_smile:


What an amazing journey you & your husband are on! Thank you for sharing. You are building a legacy that has the potential to positively impact your children, their children and many generations to come. I am sure some days are harder than others but keep focused on your goals and enjoy the journey as you are writing the story of your life! Cheers!