Free Online Finance Courses



Just wondering if anyone has stumbled upon any free finance courses in their internet travels? Currently looking myself, but wanted to make my life easier and ask you guys :slight_smile:



I like The Balance for free information. They don’t exactly have courses, but they have articles that are presented sequentially on a variety of topics. Hopefully this will get you started:


I have a free student loan course that walks you through everything you need to tackle your student loan debt. Check it out here:


You tweaked my curiosity, so I Googled it and found this site - thought it may be helpful for you!


I’ve taken a few from coursera and Harvard online over the years. I strongly recommend Schillers class if your interested in basic theory


udemy has some ok courses and NY University has an online securities analysis class by Aswath Damodoran. His blog has many the class resources too. It’s available on iTunes.