Forum tip: Latest posts vs. categories on homepage


Another forum tip - By default, the forum homepage will display the latest threads regardless of the category, ordered by the timestamp of the latest post within the thread. For those of you looking for the very latest stuff, this may be your preference. The screen shot below shows this page (notice the ‘Latest’ link is highlighted):

However, organizing the homepage by Categories is also an option by clicking on the ‘Categories’ link on the homepage. This page will display all the forum categories on the left hand side of the page along with each category’s sub-categories (latest posts are displayed on the right). For those who would rather see a breakdown of categories and access posts that way, this page may be a better preference for you. The screen shot below shows this page:

While you cannot “save” this preference so the homepage displays this page by default every time that you login, you can bookmark the categories page in your browser. Then, when you access these forums through your bookmark, you will see the ‘Categories’ page rather than the latest posts.

The choice is entirely yours!