Forum tip: Following threads within threads


Another forum tip coming at ya! - This forum system does not specifically break out threads (replies) within threads. Meaning, if users keep replying to a specific reply, those posts are stacked on top of each other in the same general hierarchy as all other replies.

However, there are a couple ways to make it easier to follow threads and replies. For example, consider the following screen shot of a typical reply. This one is within the How much money do you make thread:

Here, we can see that @ApathyEnds replied to a previous reply written by @MissMazuma. You can see that by looking to the upper right of Apathy’s comment. If you click on MissMazuma on the upper right, you can see the specific comment that Apathy replied to.

For example:

Boom! Immediate context. You can also see the replies written by other forum users to Apathy’s comment by clicking on the “1 Reply” link below his comment (refer to the first screen shot for what this link looks like).

For example:

Note that if there was more than one reply, the link will indicate the number of replies in the link text (ie: 2 Replies, 3 Replies, etc).

There ya go! Hope this helps.



Super explanation @Steve. And way to call my money hoarding out even more publicly in this convenient “example”. You all better like boxed wine… :kissing_heart: