FIRE and Real estate


Hey real estate crowd! Count me in. I love real estate investing, too.

I started 15 years ago with real estate birddogging and then grew into buying and flipping properties, buying rentals, creating owner financing wrap notes, lease options, and just about every other technique in between. I’m settled in with rental properties now, and I’ll likely also do more private lending to other investors in the near future. I also do a few small development properties when the opportunity is right in my home town of Clemson, SC.

My blog at has real estate investing at its core, but I also enjoy talking about other things personal finance and personal development. I wrote an article about how many rental properties do you need to retire if you’re interested.

I look forward to talking real estate with everyone. Thanks for getting it started.


Hi. I have always had a preference for property and it has definitely helped me on my journey. Some people try to time the market, and that’s great if you have the time to do the research, however I’m more of a believer of time in the market.
I purchased my first property in 1992, which I subsequently sold, however I still hold property from the early 2000’s.
Check out my page here that lists all my property purchases over the years and also how this has translated to my net worth here.
What you really need to consider is your exit plan.
Do you want to pay off the loan and live off the rent?
Do you want to sell and the convert the cash to other income producing investments such as managed/index funds?
You may want to have a think about how property plays into your whole investment strategy and diversification of assets. If you are heavy in property in one area and there is a downturn then you may lose a lot. If you spread your risk then you will probably be able to weather most storms.
Whatever you do, good luck with it.


I look at the cap rate if the reason is to support your lifestyle


Real Estate Investing probably set me back 5 years. Many here have made property ownership a huge success, but I have not. I’m probably in the minority, but there is a large Dark Side to rental properties that few talked about.


Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Property has certainly been good to me. I’ve just had three of my properties revalued and they have increased in value by over $400k. Keep in mind that this is only on paper. For me to realise the increase I need to sell them, however at this stage the plan is to hold for another 8 to 10 years and then slowly sell down to pay off the existing loans and live off the rent of the ones remaining.


I think I was just unlucky in timing, location, and tenants…with a sprinkle of naivety. Glad to hear your doing well with real estate, but I avoid the landlord part like the plague. I’ll stick with REITs and my home as exposure to the market.