FinCon17 Posts


I’m going to try to go next year. Hate that I missed you all!


Nice, thanks for this PoF, trying to read everyone’s posts to see what I missed out on :wink:


These are all incredible. Here’s my post on the FIRE roundtable at Fincon.


I just gave you some pageviews :grinning:. I liked your pop-up “Elite” subscription box, very clever :grinning:

I also liked your goal of becoming a DUNKIN– Dual UNemployed with Kids and IN-laws. Learned a new term today :grinning: .

Good blog overall, keep it up.


That’s pretty impressive, @FinancialPanther. Dedication to the side hustle craft. : )


Better late then never right? Here’s mine! I used the links from @PoF’s post and will check back and add as more are added! So much fun!


Let me leap onto the blatant self-promotion caboose with a plug for both MilBlogging18 and FinCon18.

I’ve also included a discussion of why you should totally buy the Pro pass, and I expect to get a lot out of that link during the next 10 months or so…


So here is my actual official fincon post. It’s not a great write-up, but I spent a lot of time putting links to some great posts on other blogs in there. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Oh, one more thing. If we met at fincon and I didn’t put you in the post, PLEASE let me know, because I just ran out of steam and had to hit publish. Hit me up with your favorite blog post of yours and I’ll link it in the post or comments. Thanks, and happy Monday!


Just posted this morning!


Just updated my post to include links to everyone now! So many great posts!


Here’s my addition to the mix, featuring many Rockstar Financers (Financiers??)


Rockstars will suffice.

I’ve added yours (and a few others) to the massive list.



@Steve called it “Epic”, @MrsBITA called it Magnum Opus. I just know I got in WAY over my head on this one…

“I can just write 2 sentences on everyone I met”, I thought.

What Was I Thinking??


This is amazing! I’m loving all of the different takes and perspectives on FinCon!


Here’s mine.


A couple more FinCon posts I ran into lately:


One more I forgot to mention:


Thanks for the updates. I’ve added them to the master list.