FinCon17 Posts


Thanks guys for the recaps. Reading all of them one by one.


I love that about half the titles mention beer, and probably all of the posts do at some point. Glad we got a chance to meet, and I’ll bet you’re happy with the FinCon18 location!



A couple from my physician friends:


Congrats to everyone who organized/ attended! I’d love to go next year. Do you think it’s worth it for a relatively new blogger like me? I only get a few dozen visits a day. Half of those was probably mine… oops, I should not have broadcasted that.


That’s a great reason to go, Menard. You’ll learn how to grow an audience, network, do social media more effectively, etc…

The worst that could happen is you’ll meet a bunch of fun people and have a great time. Well, worse things could happen, but that’s the most likely outcome.


Mine is live now. Just a quick 2,500 word blog post.




Another brief recap



Haha beer does seem to be a running theme. Thanks for collecting all of these here! It’s made searching for them a lot easier. :slight_smile:


Just throwing down my own recap post. Late to the game, I know, but I’ve been so tired all week!


They’ll keep trickling in throughout the next couple weeks. Anything in the first week home is definitely not late! Adding a link to your recap in my post now.


Hello new friends!!! :slight_smile:
I haven’t had a chance to post my 2017 yet but I’m working on a budget estimate post for you guys visiting Orlando next year (from a sort of local) :slight_smile:


And a 17th entry from @pete_mcpherson

Access them all directly @


I’ve got 20 now in mine…


Using Maggie’s post twice doesn’t count. :wink:

But you did have a couple I hadn’t come across yet. Nicely done!


I was afraid I had one twice, thanks for catching! :blush:


Also @POF I could not get DebtFreeClimb’s link to work from FB. Checked it in your list and got the same result - too many redirects. Does it work okay for you?


The link in my post works fine on a PC


Hmmm okay thanks. I’ve tried it on my Mac laptop and my work laptop and even tried it in an incognito window, and cannot get it to connect, weird.