FinCon17 Posts


Leave a link to your FinCon17 recap posts here. I had a great time meeting a whole bunch of you, and I look forward to reading your posts!


I couldnt justify a trip from UK for FinCon, given my blog doesn’t make any money. Maybe next year. Very interested in what everyone got out of it.


I’m coming next year.


Me too!


I really miss everybody already. Thank you to everyone for making it such a fun experience. It’s amazing to see how genuinely kind everyone in the community is.


A ‘maybe’ from me. That would be quite a journey :smiley:


Here is my round up post! Thank you for starting this chain… I look forward to seeing everyone’s wrap-ups :slight_smile: It was great to meet everyone!

And no, I’m not regretting any of the late nights as I drag myself to work this morning…


Here we go!


I didn’t even read it, I just love the title!


Here’s one from @OurNextLife

Keep them coming!


Love the recaps! Thanks! I am hoping to be at the next one :blush:


It’s a great post too :wink:


I had so much fun meeting all of you - it was truly amazing.

Rather than writing a post, I just summarized my 5 favorite unexpected moments in an infographic (featuring some of our favorites: @FinancialPanther @madfientist @RetirementManifesto and @RouteToRetire)

Check it out:


Another from our good friend Mr. 1500


Every day I’m hustling!


My wife was super impressed when I told her about that one!


Thanks! It was a blast hanging out again with the Notorious P.o.F.


Love this (and not just the part about me!). This is great - nice job, Chris!


Another from Slowly Sipping Coffee:


Wrote up my (entirely too long) post on the plane ride home yesterday. It reminded me that I need to take a bunch more photos next time!