FinCon Flights


When is everyone planning on flying in and out of FinCon? I’m going to book flights soon as there are awesome deals right now ($172/round trip on Delta). Just wanted to see if any of us will be flying together! :airplane:


Take the $172 on Delta, especially if it’s direct, which I’m guessing it is.

Sun Country also has some sweet deals. Don’t worry about social opportunities on the plane. You’ll have nothing but social opportunities from the time you land until the time you leave.



Speaking of social opportunities, are you buying drinks for every FinCon member for the entire week?

Come on, man! You’re a doctor!!! Go BIG!!! :wink:


:frowning_face: don’t know if I can justify buying flights, would love to go, but flying from NZ is expensive!


Unfortunately it doesn’t look like thirsty people are included in PoF’s charitable mission statement :wink:



That’s not charitable at all!!! Haha!


How about drinks for just the North Stars the entire week!? :wink: :beers:


I’m not promising to buy your drinks, but I will gladly give you a koozie to keep your drinks cool all week!


SOLD! :beers:


Ill be looking at flights this weekend - thanks for the Delta tip!


We’re flying out way early (9/14) and coming back to MSP 9/30 on the 1pm Sun Country flight.


I’m flying Delta and stopping in Minneapolis. I think I leave MN around 3:30ish on Tuesday Sept. 25.

Look forward to those koozies @PoF. :slight_smile:


This year’s batch will be co-branded with another blogger… you’ll have to wait to find out which one. #teaser


I can’t go this year but hopefully next year


You better give me one!


@AllSheSaves I’m gonna fly out on Delta most likely on Wednesday morning with my friend Thomas (he’s my blog partner in crime that does all the behind the scenes stuff for me). Gonna fly out on the last Sun Country flight on the return trip and try to hit up a theme park or something on Sunday.


Could’ve used those at the Twins game yesterday. Hawwwwt. :sweat_smile:


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It looks like most of this thread is from 2018 :slight_smile:
For what it’s worth, I’ll be flying out Tuesday evening on American flight 4642. Flying back on Sunday flight 4593.
I don’t know the best way to meetup with everyone but it would be great to connect with some of the locals!