FinCon Accomodations: Deals, Bargains, Cost Sharing


I’ve booked a room, at the FinCon hotel, for four nights. Anybody interested in rooming?


I am hoping to go but it committed. Would welcome any type of hack to keep costs low


A good hack is staying away from Downtown Dallas, and on a DART rail line that stops at the St. Paul station. No traffic, no parking, lower hotel rates, and AirBnB available too. Do some research with a Google map. Also, you could travel hack a room with a credit card sign up and some points. IHG has good deals for Holiday Inn.

I get to drive 45min. in rush hour traffic and fight for parking each day as a local…yeah!!


I snagged a 2 bedroom apartment on HomeAway that’s 2 blocks away from the hotel. Close enough to not miss out on much, but also has all the amenities. Kitchen, living room, rooftop infinity pool… FIRE people are definitely welcome to come over and hang out! My boyfriend, myself, Julie from Millennial Boss, potentially her husband, and probably someone else will be staying in it. Equals out to about $40/person/night. Way cheaper than the hotel!


Dang, wish I saw this before I booked the conference hotel!


Hey everyone, anyone want to split a hotel room / have an extra couch in your house? I know @Gwen is close by, any more room?


Arm wrestle for the couch! He’s going now, and we offered him the couch but if he finds somewhere else it’s yours!


I’ve got a room with two kings at the Conference Hotel if you’re interested. BTW- Just checked out your site. Great article, Secure Your WordPress Blog The Right Way. I’ll be looking over all your stuff and subscribing.

All the best! Keith Schindler, aka Shin.


What’s the best way to get downtown from DFW airport? I don’t plan on renting a car. I read about a train, but it doesn’t run on Sundays, which seems bizarre to me.


Hey Gwen, we would be happy to hang out - I’m staying in an AirBnB too but it’s around 1.5 miles from the hotel (booked a wee bit late, but easy distance enough to DART or walking downtown if we want to). We booked an entire place to ourselves so hubs can cook and work in peace while I’m out (he can’t go to FinCon cos he has to WFH from Thurs & Fri. He took Wed off)

$245 for 3 nights isn’t so bad :slight_smile:


Uber or Lyft. One time in DFW our flight got super delayed and by the time we arrived (almost 2AM) there was no other choice cos rental cars were also closed.

There is a surcharge from the airport + tolls to consider, but plan to spend less than $30 for the Uber.


You might try

I’m using them for my ride to and from the airports and the hotel.


Didn’t realize the train doesn’t run on the weekend. That’s odd. I’ll probably end up using Uber or Lyft. I’m sure by at the airport you can find a few ppl heading to the conference hotel to split the ride cost.

I’ve booked a conference hotel room. Debating whether to share the room with someone to split the cost or not…


It’s probably too late for most people reading this thread, but I booked our flights into Dallas Love Field which seems to be right by the hotel and downtown. The airfare was actually cheaper than flying into DFW too.


I personally do not like go for the sharing rooms and do bargains for discount anything in person, so I would rather go for hotel booking sites to get maximum discount than asking in person to a hotel manager for anything like which is more cheap